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Looking for a farming partner :)
That's pretty much all I need folks! I've been looking for a farming partner for quite a while now and couldn't get lucky so far due to the lack of IQ of people who join my games and wont understand basic human language.
So basically what I'm looking for is one person, friendly enough and ready to have a good time and some farming fun ^^
The most thing I need though that they should have a decent summoner and an aura monk ( hopefully traps too but if you don't have one its no problem I'll help you farm for one or I should make it depends on what we want )
So by decent I mean around 2.5K stats on the sum and atleast 2K stats on the monk since auras wont be any useful lower than that..
A little bit about me : I'm a 16 year old from Egypt, pretty surprising eh? yeah we got internet there..
I'm a friendly person and would like my farming partner to be so too!
To top it all off , what I have is a squire 3.5K stats and a series around 2K stats, they're not that great but I never said I was, I'm looking for somoene who's around the same level of stats as me and wanting to farm some good items :)
Hit me up on steam if you're interested or looking for more information.
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i have a summoner - stats are 2436/2657/1244/2002 : Aura monk - 2472/1718/2359/1699 - Trapper but needing gear for her - lvls are S(79) M(78) T(81) - my build squire is in the 2k area and EV is♥♥♥♥♥♥- let me know if you need more info, i'm on daily so just add me if interested
How can I do to get a status so high?
Note: I have a Squire Defense Level 71 Stats 190/206/46/68 a Traper Huntress Level 72 Stats 154/137/78/78, an Aura Monk Level 70 Stats 120/167/98/106, a Tower Apprentice Level Stats 160/157/84/112 70, a Summoner Level 52 Stats 87/144/24/37 and Defense / EV Series Beam Level 50 Stats 109/97/12/22
Sorry for my bad english, I'm using google translator because my English is not very good ... I'm Brazilian = X
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my best builder is a squire with : 442/1395/640/972
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