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Avalon 2012年11月29日下午12:54
Aura help info pls
Which stat on an Aura does "Range Scale" its at 100% and im wondering if im putting stats into something that cant go higher.
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Sir Cheddington 2012年11月29日下午2:02 
technically there is no limit to the aura radius however at around 2500-3000+ the radius of the auras increase so little that there is little difference in versatillity. aim to have your aura within range of around 2000-3000, any more and you are wasting points.
Avalon 2012年11月29日下午11:34 
Manicka 9月1日下午2:08 
Range scale means how you did resize your aura before you place it. It is 100% default and you can make it smaller. After you build it you cannot change it.
pew pew pew 9月2日上午1:08 
30 Nov, 2012 :)

At least the answer he was looking for :)
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