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Theoldone 2012年11月28日 17時11分
I cannot access Steam or Games from my desktop.
anyone else having this issue today. I cant acces Steam through my desktops - i had to google to get into the forums. - So I cant play any games I just keep getting an exe.Error. Can anyone help . This time Steam seems to have f-d up rel good.
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Sir Cheddington 2012年11月28日 20時22分 
try reinstalling steam
go to your steam folder and move the steamapps folder else where (this contains all your games)
then uninstall steam
download steam from the internet and install it
then move steamapps back
最近の変更はSir Cheddingtonが行いました; 2012年11月28日 20時22分
Theoldone 2012年11月29日 6時12分 
Thanks - i uninstalled it and then redid it again. That worked for me.
Sir Cheddington 2012年11月29日 12時09分 
great, glad i could be of some help :)
ZombieLegs 2013年1月5日 9時54分 
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