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Svarok 2012年11月28日下午1:50
Another 2 Billion Mana Give Away
PC Ranked. Helping out the community. I will random a number in the posts and contact the winner. Deadline is 12 A.M. EST Nov. 29th. Good luck! Sour gummies was my last winner, who will be next! Also if you need help leveling or anything hit me up with a friend request. The winner today is SoonerL8r! This is now closed. Thanks all for playing keep watching for more giveaways.
最后由 Svarok 编辑于; 2012年11月28日下午9:18
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Aegix Drakan 2012年11月28日下午2:04 
Um...*raises hand*.

I'd like to put my name in, super nice person, thanks.

Also, this is only for the ranked servers? (juut confirming)
Svarok 2012年11月28日下午2:19 
yes this is for Ranked PC.
[4K-Ghost] OfLight 2012年11月28日下午3:16 
Woah! 2billion!!! I can't count that high!
SnakeChips 2012年11月28日下午3:18 
MMMmmm 2 billions, I'm in.
Langsig 2012年11月28日下午3:36 
2 billion mana would be amazing, to help me progress furhter into nightmare :)
Luxxy 2012年11月28日下午3:58 
boop, wouldn't that be lovely~
sonarix 2012年11月28日下午4:00 
Just started getting into DD and it would be nice to have some mana to experiment with. (:
jemmajule 2012年11月28日下午4:05 
Thank you for your contributions!! 2 billion mana sure would help!!
Draco18s 2012年11月28日下午4:12 
Sure, what the hey. I won't turn down free mana.
SoonerL8r 2012年11月28日下午4:33 
This would be shweeet !
Fleshpound says 2012年11月28日下午4:58 
2bil is quite nice to give.

I would appreciate it :)
Theoldone 2012年11月28日下午5:06 
2 billion would be awesome to upgrade some things with - thanks for the mana giveaway.
shadow021 2012年11月28日下午5:41 
thx i started NM a few weeks ago, that will be a good help
Denied 2012年11月28日下午5:47 
I'll join the giveaway :D Enjoying this game so far since I bought it from the black friday sale
_ 2012年11月28日下午6:06 
Wow glad to know that the community in Dungeon Defenders is so active and generous! I would love to join this giveaway!
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