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BouBouRziPorC May 6, 2013 @ 9:56am
get trans in insane..
Hey all, i've been stuck with myth gear for a while, but not anymore.

What i do is farming the tavern defense in insane, which rewards you with 5 items I believe.

those 5 items are minimum myth gear, sometimes there's a godly, but most importantly, you have a great chance to get a trans as well..so after like...idk 10 runs, I got 3-4 trans, but also a supreme and an ultimate yesterday. ( the supreme and ultimate were weapons, crap ones) but the trans had 400 all towers stats..

I hope that might help people stucked with myth since a while.

Good day.
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Termix May 7, 2013 @ 3:16am 
I got a supreme chest piece on akatiti insane hc - you get 1 obsidian weapon 1 accessoire and 6 random items for beating it + it's a bit faster. The chest has pretty good stats (DPS), but since you need at least 4 well equipped chars to make your way into akatiti/tavern defense nm it's still a long way to go.....
If you need tower weapons I would recommend King's Game NM, it's pretty easy and the weapons can have up to 600 tower stats, I found a myth Gamblers Polearm that has ~1000 tower stats overall, which helped me out alot on NM Akatiti (I can reach wave 14 now without big problems).
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