Dimanderin May 3 @ 2:22pm
dd2 realease date?
does anybody know when its going to comeout?
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aidanpmoyer May 3 @ 3:38pm 
no but it needs to come out soon
aidanpmoyer May 3 @ 3:38pm 
really hope it comes out soon
Dimanderin May 3 @ 6:19pm 
Me too haha
Avous May 4 @ 1:27pm 
It's in PRE-ALPHA there is no release date... just like there is no Pina Coladas for me....
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aidanpmoyer May 4 @ 2:58pm 
it's coming out soon it's coming out in the spring time aka NOW so in a few weeks or next month or something
turvey900 May 5 @ 7:34pm 
It is due out in 2 days !

Everyone gets DD1 for free also!
Dimanderin May 5 @ 7:43pm 
♥♥♥♥ i just bought the game -_-
pew pew pew May 8 @ 11:17pm 
How can you buy a game which isn't for sale yet? o.O
[NoVa] czThePROcz May 9 @ 3:25am 
I think he's talking about "Everyone gets DD1 for free also!".. wich I'm not sure if DD1 will ever be for free.
AlexThunderbird May 9 @ 4:50am 
aidanpmoyer May 9 @ 1:31pm 
dimanerin is talking about dd1 we're talking abouut dd2 when it comes out dd1 and dd2 are ganna be free to play. So get your wands.swords,staffs,and bows and get ready to destroy
Dimanderin May 9 @ 7:44pm 
word up
Marquette1993 May 9 @ 7:50pm 
I so need to retire from DD1 soon. Been playing for 2in a half years; logged 2016 hrs. Sad thing is I am so bored of DD1 its ridicolous. I've completed everything in DD1 including achievements and feel bored b/c my defenses are so strong lol.
Dimanderin May 9 @ 8:15pm 
lol try hard :p
aidanpmoyer May 10 @ 6:59pm 
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