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My friends have this game,I've played it, Loved it, But I'm for some reason sceptical. Please, can you guys out there give me some feed back on this game? Because 15 dollars is a pretty large chunk of my earnings.
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Softspokenman Apr 7, 2014 @ 2:56pm 
it is on sale every few months at 75% off just wait it out 15 dollars then will get you the game and all the dlcs
In my opinion this game and all the DLC's are worth every penny invested into it. If you are like I was and want to get the most content out of this game it will be well worth your money. I for a fact spent at least a good 30 to 40 dollars on this game which includes amounts I payed for some of the dlc. I can tell you, even though I probally payed more then your average person that this game is a gem.

This is my favorite online PC game I have played so far and my favorite online gaming community game since when I used to play something called Cartoon orbit when I was a kid growing up.

1. Trading system; official forum on dungeondefenders2.com where you can do trades for in game items with other users.
2. Pro item checkers- can Item check anything you don't farm to make the most accurate of an item's legitimacy
3. Hrs. you can just sink in and not have to worry about not getting rewarded. In other words, a very immersive and rewarding experience.
4. Best played with friends in online 4-player co-op.
5. A game that is still going strong with a great online community even though its a little more than 2 in a half years old for the pc version now. ( peaks on Friday's and Saturday's in public matches seen online)

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