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NekitTheRagdoll Mar 24, 2014 @ 10:51am
How's that people get OP loot?
As example: When I was noob (I mean totally), guys with level 75-80 squire heroes had over 25k dmg on their poons, and they shoot like they are miniguns (over 200k dps). I checked their armor they had glowing icons and they had legendary+ supreme+ in their names. I've got level 85 and still noob dmg. I've bought all DLCs and tried to play almost all maps on NMHC (such as tavern defense and lab assault) and still nothing. Actually tavern defense brought me a good 400+ stats pet but thats not enough. So how do people get such awesome loot?
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Qwerty Mar 24, 2014 @ 1:48pm 
the quickest way is lab assault insane which may net you sups/ults more more importantly will net you good trance gear.

The tradional way is to grind our survivals on the shards esque maps
Smug Anime Face Mar 24, 2014 @ 2:17pm 
Believe it or not 200k dps isn't even high for harpoon turrets. for end game it isn't uncommon to get up to 400k. The poster above is correct.

You just want to get pets/weapons from different sources. For actual armor/accessories Lab Assault is best though.

For weapons you want Akatiti Jungle, Boss Rush, or Tinkerer's Lab, King's Game depending on the class and if they're Hero/Tower based.

Apprentice Hero: Boss Rush/Akatiti Jungle*
Apprentice Tower: Akatiti Jungle
Huntress Hero/Tower: Tinkerer's Lab/King's Game
Monk Hero/Tower: Akatiti Jungle
Squire Hero/Tower: Akatiti Jungle

The Boss Rush Staff, Classic's Eagle Crested Standard has the highest damage per up.
The Akatiti Jungle Staff, Obsidian Clava has higher stats and a higher upgrade potential.

For pets you'll want Sky City Survival(Propeller Cat) for Hero and Tavern Defense Survival (Kobold on a Treadmill) for Tower.
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Tim Mar 25, 2014 @ 12:27pm 
cheats, this game cheated to death
SCE_Genesis985 Mar 25, 2014 @ 2:51pm 
Well i wouldnt say that, currently from what i have seen. the average high end stat is about 5500. Now you might think that is a value only obtainable from cheating, but that 5500 is out of a possible 11985. that's right 5500 the current average stat among high end players is less than half of the maximum stats capable in this game. Even my single highest stated character which happens to be an adept only has a little less than 7k in their tower atk stat. that leaves me still over 5k short of the highest possible stats.

Some ask me why i dont put the stuff equiped on her to my countess and i say its because i want them to be close to equal powerwise instead of having this massive power gap.
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TheBros Mar 25, 2014 @ 3:54pm 
u need some help well im the right guy... just friend me and i will help
DN Ministries Mar 25, 2014 @ 6:55pm 
For example, My stats currently are : I play legit and do spend time farming on my own + trading to make all of my in-game profits. My hrs. reflect this since I started playing right before Christmas of 2011 and still going till today.

1. 7k twr. dmg. ev
2. 7k hero boost monk
3. Near 5k Auras
4. 5.5k Jester ; would be 6k if I had rainmaker
5. 5.8k Barb though it can also be 6k if I exchange one of my accs.
6. I also have a 6.2k summoner and that is even without ultimate armor on my summoner.
7. Second boost monk with 4.5k hero boost
8. near 4k app towers
9. I also have near a 4.5k hero dps ranger.
10. My squire also has 5k stats with no effort; I don't even have all supreme gear on him or a decent glad, pet and was able to get my squire to 5k stats.

5k and above stats are easy to get if
1. You have alot of free time or occasional free time using time wisely to farm lab assault challenge over and over again ; also if you include 3 afk's in to get more loot.

2. You trade your high-tier lab assault items for in-game currency which you invest in to buy other items via trading through Dungeon Defender official forums and trusted traders you have traded with online. Also assuming you get it checked by a pro item checker to maintain the most accurate account of possible legitimacy.

3. You can even with some of the more fortunate people that have alot of more time outside of work; you can start a service where they can pay you in-game currency and in game items for running them.

BTW, I have gave away my best armor sets two times now in the game and was able to form finally and rebuild my sets greater than they were before. Sometimes you have to have good networking with Dungeon Defender players also which helps.

Everyone plays the game differently and this is just how I play it and what makes it fun for me overall.
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