WiseWhiteTiger Feb 13 @ 9:59am
I dont understand getting banned with no warning
I have never in my life been banned for anything i dont hack or mod the only mods i have ever use are from steam workshop in the modes that its ok to use them in but today i decided to start up a shop with the gear i wasnt useing and the tf2 items and portal gun i got when i started my game because they where really low lvl and then not ten mins after i hosted an afk shop for the first time i was banned with no warning and no reason i sent about 5 emails to the address it gave me to fight it but now i cant play with my friends to legitamately get the achievments which is all i ever do i swear if this gets resolved i will never play in a public match again or even try to sell my hard earned gear aside from selling it to the tavern keeper. i just wish i knew why this happened.
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WiseWhiteTiger Feb 13 @ 10:24am 
Apperently there was an error in their system that got me banned and they have now reinstated me and added some items for my trouble. im glad that is over.
Bulldogs Feb 16 @ 8:23am 
Can i have your items lol
WiseWhiteTiger Feb 16 @ 2:02pm 
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