DragonPulse Feb 1 @ 5:27pm
dungeon defenders dlc wrong
my friend and i bought collection pack we had assult lab for a while then it dissapeared so we cant play execpt if we join some others game. so pls help us
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Avous Feb 1 @ 6:12pm 
it doesn't come with the complete pack.
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DragonPulse Feb 1 @ 11:47pm 
yes it does
DragonPulse Feb 1 @ 11:48pm 
collection pack
DragonPulse Feb 1 @ 11:48pm 
i had assult lab for a while then it was gone
ralphgod3 Feb 2 @ 12:58am 
no it doesnot come with it and i had no idea why you would have it for a while
Avous Feb 2 @ 2:06pm 
Like I said, it doesn't come with it. lol. Also, edit a previous post don't double post.
Softspokenman Feb 2 @ 4:23pm 
if you are going by the link in game the link is linked to the wrong dlc and will say you own it you have to go to the steam link here
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DragonPulse Feb 3 @ 10:43am 
yea im kind of a idiot i thought tinkerers lab would come with collection pack
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