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purpl3 Jan 31, 2014 @ 1:59pm
Need better gear
Okay, I'm at the stage where I need to start farming for better gear. But I don't know which map to farm on. I have two of my builders with stats over 1000, but my others are still under 1000.

Summoner Lvl 78: (Prob my best builder)
HP - 1970
Atk - 2215
Range - 1199
Atk Rate - 1535

Countess Lvl 79:
HP - 1000
Atk - 901
Range - 1077
Atk Rate - 1288

I have a Series EV, Monk, and Huntress but none of them have gear at all, but all of them are at levels 78. So for them all I need to do is farm Endless Spires NMHC First Wave then Aquanos NMHC First Wave. But once I have gear for all of my characters and roughly 1000 in each stat, what map do I farm?

P.S. My Series EV lvl 78: (My only other character with gear)
HP - 1182
Atk - 867
Stun time - 758
Atk Rate - 1022
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Smug Anime Face Jan 31, 2014 @ 2:56pm 
You need to get a monk/huntress up and running. It will be a lot easier on you.

EV's Buff Beam hits diminishing returns nearly immediately. There's little point of going post 2k with her. In NMHC MM Survival she's only useful for Buff Beams and Reflection Beams.

I'm going to offer you some defense advice prior to gear,

I suggest foregoing the Squire for walls.

The main difficulty for Survival is sorting out the weaklings from the Ogres, Djinn and Copters.

I found Harpoons to be less beneficial in this aspect.

Monks and Huntress fill this position perfectly allowing Minion Walls to specifically target these stronger enemies with no difficulty.

Sharken will also ignore Minions they will not charge and push them.

Post 3.5k I dropped my Squire completely and Huntress with the exception of Gas Traps for specific maps.

I was confidently doing any survival or map with no difficulty using my Monk to root out weaker mobs.

I'll explain my strategy. You'll want a Strength Drain, Ensnare, and Electric Aura at every choke point.

Place a buff beam and line Archers on it. Then place a mage just behind the wall, Just beyond the reach of an Ogres splash damage.

I place a Reflection Beam infront of my Archers to shield them and behind my Mage to protect from Spiders.

An important note, Two 1 DU Reflection Beams are longer than a 3 DU reflection beam.

Then place a Gas Trap in the center of the Buff Beam and if you're under 3k stats an Inferno at the edge of your Buff Beam won't hurt.

This will root out any weaker mob. Your archers are healed by your Mage, the Buff Beam increases their Resistance, and the Strength Drain removes 70% of damage enemies do.

This was my build for every map.

Basically it depends on what gear you are looking for.

Lab Assault is broken. You can get some of the best armor and accessories in the game from there.

Starting off on armor progression instead of abusing a broken map though.

Start on doing Endless Spires NMHC like you have been. After that you should start farming Alchemy Labs or Throne Room on NMHC. When you feel comfortable enough, start Shards maps on NMHC. After you break 2.5-3k you're ready for Shards on survival.

If you are after a pet,

For Builders, Kobold on a Treadmill from Tavern Defense is the best pet you can get for the price.

For DPS with the exception of Monk you want a Propeller Cat which is from Sky City on Survival. For Monk DPS You'll want a Seahorse from Aquanos or Mega Chicken from Tinkerer's Lab.

If you're after Accessories,

Unfortunately, Abusing Lab Assault is the best oppertunity to get some of the best accessories in the game.

There are some good alternatives still, Akatiti Jungle and Winter Wonderland.

If you're after Weapons,

For Builders, Akatiti Jungle drops some of the best weapons with the highest stat/upgrade amount possible. For Huntress your best bet is King's Game NMHC The Pawn Shot has a decent amount of stats and upgrades as well as Damage.

For DPS,

Sword: Akatiti Jungle or Sky City.
Polearm: Akatiti Jungle or Sky City.
Staff: Boss Rush
Ranged: King's Game or Tinkerer's Lab

Source: I had multi 5k stat heroes prior to restarting. I also have Ultimate Defender which I obtained with no outside assistance and no trading.
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Der Hexer Jan 31, 2014 @ 5:18pm 
ticket for fast typing here:
Originally posted by Avous:
...You can get some of the best armor and accessories in theg ame from there.

sorry, couldn't resist ;) ...great advice btw!
purpl3 Jan 31, 2014 @ 10:11pm 
Originally posted by Avous:
You need to get a monk/huntress up and running. It will be a lot easier on you...
Wow, thanks! This is some really great advice. Prob some of the best I have received in a while. Thanks so much!
Smug Anime Face Feb 1, 2014 @ 1:26am 
Thanks, I try.
Tydo Feb 1, 2014 @ 1:50am 
There is a exception to the rule about sharken not pushing minions.

They will, if there is a tower/wall within charging range when the minion is between them and it.
I have had this happen repeatedly on NMHC surv aquanos until i adjusted my build. It only really happened when then minions and towers where focusing on a ogre, thus making it possible for a sharken to get close enough.
It 'just' got pushed off the beam, but thats bad enough as it makes a hole that the ogres can get through and it also makes it more vulnerable without the damage resists buff.

2 things that could have prevented it:
1) gas trap (was not there),
2) more aoe dps: stronger electric aura (monk not geared enough) and more damagedealing traps (explo/ether).
Smug Anime Face Feb 1, 2014 @ 2:05am 
Yeah I forgot to mention that thanks Tydo
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