Gronkar Jan 24 @ 9:52pm
Really want to play, but.
Not many people seem to have the issue where the mouse will leave the screen, "multi monitors" in the middle of trying to aim around and shoot things. I only tried the demo version to see what the game was about but something like that makes it pretty unplayable. I even tried to DL a third party program to Lock my pointer on the screen, to no success. Game looks fun and i really want to play it. Does anyone have a fix for this issue or is this title going to be unplayable for me?
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Mainman Jan 25 @ 1:17am 
Does this happen when playing full screen?
Gronkar Jan 25 @ 6:22am 
Full and windowed mode. tried different resolutions, still happens. game just can't lock my pointer in the game!
Zumomo Jan 25 @ 6:57am 
dont rely on the demo, its outdated

i play with 2 monitors and don't have any issue with my cursor leaving the main monitor (i play in fullscreen)
Gronkar Jan 26 @ 6:17am 
I see some people do and don't have this problem, with full version. don't want to spend monies on the game and then have this issue. not like i can get a refund. :p

Any other suggestions though? if not guess i won't risk it. they have the new one comeing out soon right? and suppose to be F2P guess i will waits!
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