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PSA For Linux Users And Bug list For Trendy Staff
This post is a review and a warning for any Linux user who is considering getting Dungeon Defenders, I am using Ubuntu 13.10. Dungeon Defenders is my favourite game at the moment, I already have over 450 hours game time spent on DD, but there are some things that completely ruin
the game for me. I will list all of the bugs and issues I know of and have encountered whilst playing on Linux.

The Big One Is Manna Not Coming To You: I know this is not a bug, but rather that the software which enables this feature to work has dependencies on Windows, but a solution to this is desperately needed. As a fix to manna from chests, the manna could spawn grouped together at the feet of the player who opened the chest. That would solve a big chunk of the problem, but a complete fix would be better.

Another Big Issue Is That Series EV Defences Crash The Game: Sometimes they crash the game instantly and sometimes it takes a minute or two, which means for us Linux users the Series EV is an unplayable class. Adjusting the settings does nothing to help, nor does playing by yourself or having a friend host the game, so if your on Linux stay away from the Series EV.

Random Crashes: This does not happen very often to me, but sometimes the game just crashes without warning. I'm not sure why this happens but it can be very annoying, especially if it happens during Survival or on the last wave a high wave map.

Multiple Players Using Split-Screen: I like to use 3 Xbox Controllers in addition to my mouse and keyboard to make levelling faster and to get more loot on Survival, it also allows me to play with friends and family if they want to. However, some maps crash when there is more than one player connected. So far the only map that does this for me is Tavern Defence. If I connect a controller on that map then the game will crash during Combat Phase. This does not happen on Multi-Player only on Split-Screen, but it means it takes a lot longer to get some Kobolds on Treadmills. Another issue with Split-Screen is that I cannot use it when playing Multi-player. If I am playing with a friend (it does not matter who is hosting) and they or I connect a second controller then my game just crashes instantly. This is not to much of an issue for me, but a fix to this would be nice.

Unplayable Maps: On Linux there are some maps which are just unplayable. Tinkerer's Lab, Lab Assault and Silent Night are not even listed in the mission set-up, but they are playable if a Windows user hosts the game. It is still very annoying as you have to depend on a friend who uses Windows in order to play these maps. Sky O' Love is listed in the mission set-up but it is unplayable as it causes so much lag that you cannot move, place defences or even exit the map without a huge amount of effort. Minimising the game and killing the game via the Terminal is sometimes the only way to get off the map.

Xbox Controller Issues: This is not a big problem but it can be irritating at times. If you start the game with an Xbox controller plugged in then you have to wiggle the thumb pads during the intro otherwise they get locked down and move the selector away from what your mouse is hovering over. It is easily fixable by just wiggling the thumb pads, but I have come close to accidentally deleting my characters when activating a controller in-game due to this bug.

Lag On Wave Start and Wave End: It sounds harmless but this lag has killed me or caused me to restart the level. Upon starting a new map or starting Build or Combat Phase the game will lag when the “Build Phase” or “Combat Phase” message pops up. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn't lock down whatever key you last pressed. When this happens it can cause you to run off the edge of the map or into lava which sucks if your on hardcore. A fix to this would be very helpful.

I know Trendy is working on DD2 but when it is finished it would be really nice if these issues could be sorted out, as many of them spoil the game for most Linux users. If you are a Linux user and are reading this to help you decide whether you should get this game or not then please don't let this post deter you, the game still has plenty to offer and is highly enjoyable. Most of these bugs effect end game players and can be put up with, and will hopefully be fixed soon.

If I have missed anything out or have gotten something wrong in this post then please comment as I would like to have every issue and bug listed correctly in this discussion so Trendy Staff can see all the problems with DD on Linux.
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pew pew pew Jul 4, 2014 @ 8:41am 
All this issues are well known, sadly Trendy has abandoned Linux/Mac support. I guess due to the huge numbers of different Linux/Mac versions :)

EDIT: Nice review for Linux players to get an idea :)
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Explodingcandles Jul 4, 2014 @ 10:09am 
Yes I have seen most of these mentioned, but not all in one post before. I wanted there to be one discussion where all of the Linux (and Mac as well) bugs and issues would be addressed, so that newer Linux players know that it is not just them who have problems with DD on Linux.
Tydo Jul 4, 2014 @ 1:05pm 
Originally posted by pew pew pew:
All this issues are well known, sadly Trendy has abandoned Linux/Mac support. I guess due to the huge numbers of different Linux/Mac versions :)
Usually it is a simple business decision (not made by programmers).

Cost of paying 'workers' to do it VS *expected* EXTRA sales on the platform. Repairing it, once it has "finished" selling, is usually just PR damage control and depends on how much harm it does (to the companys wallet) to leave it out there.
Recent example: the item stealing thing. It was simply way too bad PR to leave it out there, given their desire to not have a superbad rep before DD2 is out, so a minimal hack (=minimal cost) to the ui was done to plug it.
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