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teaakayyy Jul 26, 2014 @ 7:54am
DD1 vs DD Eternity: Which do I buy?
I was wondering the difference between the two and which one is currently worth getting/more alive or if both are even still active? I am entirely late in the series and I was very curious to see if this game is worth the $15
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Watermelon ❤ Jul 26, 2014 @ 9:30am 
to someone who never played dd1 before it might be a good thing until dd2 comes. thoose who played dd1 for a long time wont switch(Turn a Mob into a cake using the cube .. wtf). My friend wrote a little Review about it:

It is a yes for new Defenders / a no for Veteran Dungeon Defenders and here is why:

First of all i have to say that i love Dungeon Defenders. It is a realy great Game that i enjoid playing with frends like i could only archieve with very little other Games. And it is for exact that reason i cant enjoi Dungeon Defenders Eternity.

Dungeon Defenders was always a realy easie game in Terms of Mechanics. That means that you could hop in and instantly Play without making too much of a thinking about what to do, or how to do. You joined your Private(<- Important) Tavern - that filled with Trophes as you Archieved them - and maybe invited some frends for some quick rounds. Or you could make it Puplik and play with whoever joined your Game.

This got revoked. Now you always join in a Puplik and crowded Tavern, with people shooting around attacks/abilitys or just stand afk around the Shopkeeper and the Inverntory Manager and it just gets on my nerves beyond mesure.

In the old Dungeon Defender you got to make your own Charakter with little customization like choosing the Skin/Armor Colour that gave at least a little bit of freedom. Now you start with the 4 "basic" classes, or story classes as we could call them and if we create a new charakter, the only difference would be his name. Why is that? Because now you have to freaking BUY the colour for your charakter. Further more, in Dungeon Defender your equipment did not change your look, and i am a Person who liked that. Now it does, and you could ask why this is bad? It makes a Player more unique and could potential make him even look more like the Player want his charakter to look. But i didnt found an Option to turn that off, and I realy hate it. My charakter looks like ♥♥♥♥ with different deformed armor peaces all over him. This is not acceptable for me.

So far so good, we have forced Player Tavern and we have Forced changing look of your charakter by items.

Lets get one step further. Lets get to Pets.
First let me tell you what Pets used to be:
Pets where this little Awesome companion of yours, who not only boost your stats, but also could heal you or your tower or even attack the Enemys. And you got them by chance in every level or by beating Survival mode. You got them droped, you liked them, you used them and you where happy.

Now you find eggs, you equip them to "hatch" them, than you pick them up and use them. Why? Why do you have to make them be in a freaking Egg, before using it?
Why do we need to make it a little bit more complikated just for the sake of it? Does it give me a better experience? Hell no!
Where should I see the benefit of having first to hatch them by draging them around before I use them?
And not only that, but you cant buy them in the Tavern anymore.

Lets go over to the Tavern:
There is a new currency in the game. Forget your good old Mana, now we have.....Gold coins *party*
What does that mean? Nothing but that you have now a currency harder to optain!
Like realy, if i cross the line from when i first started Dungeon Defender and when i now startet with Dungeon Defender Eternety, you dont gather your currency nearly as fast.Again, i was someone who like the idea of the mana currency, so that you could use your mana in early stages to build tower or if you thought that you are set up, that you could jsut store them for some quick extra cash per round. Was it much? No, not in the later stages of the Game, but i would be a liar if i wouldnt mention that it helped me progress faster in the early game. Thats gone.

In Du.Def. you could buy armor/Weapons or Pets in the Tavern store. Now you can buy Consumables /Costumes /Dyes(more to come)

Lets get moving. Lets take a look at Items next.
You used to have:
A Helmet
A Weapon
A chest Peace
And Boots
A Pet

Now you have:
A helmet
a shoulder armor
a bracer
a belt
2 Weapon slots(switching weapon possible)
a shield slot
a Mask slot
a Pet slot
1 Slot with smiley face(didnt figuered this one out)
4 active ability/items/Pet egg slots

As you can see, you will have more Item slots or more different item slots than before. Not a bad and not a good thing. I Personaly like a minimalistik aproach in strategie Games like this, but it is ok that they got into more Items, as that will apeal to many other Gamer.

"Micro Transaktion":
Yes there is somethig like that, but only for skins, so no pay to win and everything that is not pay to win is ok...kinda. I Would have to check one thing:
They released some only skin DLC for dungeon defender. I maybe will do the math and see if you get the same amount of skins cheaper or more expensive now. I Think the last one will be it and it will cost more but who knows?

No progress Transaktion:
Everybody has to start from scretch. I dont like it, but i know why they did it, and thats why i am cool with it. Nobody needs cheated Items/pets with insane stats. I seen one Hacker in all my Dungeon Defender Time (didnt bother me) and it takes the challenge away, so i am not a fan of those People. It is still sad that all my guys that i leveled hours and hours, all my gear that i grinded peace by peace by trying to survive some maps at the hardest difficulty. It makes me sad, but on the contruary it opens a new jounrey for a new adenture.

I will continue to Play Dungeon Defender Eternety, not because i like it( too many changes i can not accept) but to edit in the last pieces to this Review. I will also hope to cover some big Updates.

This is written on the 25.07.2014 0:10 am

Greetings Necromann
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RocketSCI3NCE Jul 26, 2014 @ 10:43am 
I spent 1000 hours in DD1 and enjoyed almost every minute of it. I have less than 20h in DDE and hate myself for wasting $6 dollars on it. It's not very often I find a game not even worth $6. But I'm also in the DD1 veteran category so it's possible you could still enjoy DDE, which in essence is a downgrade from DD1.
Chaos Stalker Jul 26, 2014 @ 11:55am 
Don't buy the new one. Its an early access Beta test for the New game play servers.
Its as buggy as hell.
Laggy as all get out, and according to some people, its just a crappy app version of DD1.
Go to the DDE forum and read ALL the reviews.
Since the rumor mill is saying DD1 and DDE servers will be Migrated/ shut down as soon as DD2 gets going. Some scoff at this but considering the Official Statement about lack of money to run the servers from the Devs themselves it seems to ring true.
Heck they did not even want to turn on the Single play feature in the New one but so many people complained they did, but apparently not happy about it.
Edit: spelling
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pew pew pew Jul 27, 2014 @ 9:32am 
Buy the new one. I have played DD1 for more than 4k hours but DDE is also great. It's not like DD1 and thats why people rant about DDE.

EDIT: There are so many wrong information about DDE. The haters are trying to ruin the fun for everyone else and they almost hunt everyone who doesn't share their opinion.

I was bummed by myself and raged about the game but mainly because there WERE no private games but now. A friend invited me into a private session and we sorted out a lot of confusing stuff (changes from DD1 to DDE) for me. Now I really see a huge potential depending on it's end game.

So many people raged about DD1 before especially about the non-existent 'gap' between Insane and Nightmare. DDE is a new game with new things to learn about.

So DDE vs DD1?
Buy DDE now during the sale and DD1 if it's on sale at humblebundle. Both games are great but not similar. They share same maps and towers but the game mechanic is completely new and hacker free (til now).
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Guyver Jul 27, 2014 @ 10:40am 
DDE is a port of a mobile game that's just to grab a bit of cash before DD2 comes out. Go with DD1.
Greenegg Jul 27, 2014 @ 1:52pm 
its a little funny seeing all these negative reviews. people are comparing stuff they liked in dd1 to dde, when that stuf should be different. id be mad if it was just like dd1. Most people that give bad reviews to this say they dont like it because its less like dd1, its a different game of course its gonna be different! who would buy it if it was the same as the original? why not just be the original? I for one think that dde is good, its cheaper than buying the game and all the dlc, and it has a active community unlike dd1 where very few people play on its servers. Also most things people are complaining about are either wrong or have been fixed. no private games? they've been added, micro transactions? its just stupid emotes you'll never use just ignore them, pets to common? i dont get why this is a bad thing and the late game pets arent that common.
the only thing i dont like is the stats balancing they did, but thats just something i have to get used to.
Ryu Kazaar Jul 27, 2014 @ 3:30pm 
DDE is DD1, with balanced to EV-Summoner and a new UI but most of all what it is, is DD1 without the hackers DD1 60% of the items going around are hacked, DDE has protection towards this (why you cant play without being online now) Most people spent $50+ on the old game getting DLC and such so they are just butthurt in their reviews I have 288 hours on the old game and all the DLC and I dont mind but DDE is a little buggy atm they are making patches atm.
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Starvingartizt Jul 27, 2014 @ 4:55pm 
i HATE the new version! back to playing the basic
Starvingartizt Jul 27, 2014 @ 5:00pm 
it plays like a ttoaly diff game. worst control set up for such a basic game. playing with 360 controller
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