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Ryujin Aug 28, 2014 @ 4:05am
Needing help
Hello DD players.

I've bought the game yesterday with all the DLC included. I started a Summoner but I don't think it's my cup of tea yet... What would be a good starting class for me?

And if someone is interested in playing it with me, I'd appericiate it. I have no clue on what name you'd need but my name is Ryujin in game.


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NoVa Aug 28, 2014 @ 7:31am 
Heyo and Welcome!

For the beggining parts of the game a Squire/Countess (preferably a female hero for the builder stats thanks to a slightly higher movement speed) would be a smart choice. Their towers can easily cover both ground & air enemies. Also a good choice would be Apprentice/Adept (or just mage), but that depends on your preferences with which you like to play better with. In your case a Summoner isn't a bad choice either. Summoner's minions have a "special" limit of how many of them you can summon - that means you can build a certain amount of towers and the same amount of minions with it. So that way you can make even more powerful defence.
You can pretty easily complete the original campaign on Medium with just one tower hero.
To support your towers, for example during boss fights, you'll need some DPS hero. For that you have few options: Monk for melee combat, Ranger/Jester for ranged combat,... again depends on your playstyle.

Later on when you hit tougher difficulties and maps you'll need to make a set of builders (if you decide to play them solo). For that I'd suggest to read THIS[forums.dungeondefenders2.com] useful guide to understand some more complex mechanics.

I hope I answered your questions enough. If you still need help with anything or have more questions, feel free to ask here, there are couple helpful Defenders that will gladly help. And good luck with defending Etheria!
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