Vorleser Aug 4 @ 4:25pm
2 Ogres Jester - Medium Dificulty
I thought "How delightful to have a random chance box!" I didn't mind how it sometimes placed traps , gave mana or simply exploded giving nothing... but that I place 2 boxes down and those two boxes spawn giant ogres with 20,000 health that it's impossible for me at lvl 4 to take down? How am I supposed to use this class or even get passed the first level? Just not use the gifts at all? It's a small gift, how can it spawn giant ogres... I can't imagine what is going to happen with the medium or giant gift, they're going to spawn a black hole that will end the game in "The world has been banished into the black hole. Game over." ?! I'm disappointed.
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assassindestro Aug 4 @ 4:53pm 
i see alot of people putting all the points from leveling up into there characters damage and health and useing other characters for the deffences when in game.
Vorleser Aug 4 @ 4:54pm 
I finally passed the first level as a Jester. It seems that placing boxes near the crystal makes it more possible for the boxes to be ogres. So I just place em' far away, didnt even get 1 ogre.
Vorleser Aug 4 @ 5:22pm 
I figured it out! Ogres move towards other presents~ And they don't count towards the stage number of creeps! <3 Lovin' Jester
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