Ghilliey Aug 3 @ 2:04pm
Mage Staff Hack
today i was on steam workshop muliplayer and there was a mage he use his secondary atk and it was a huge exsplosion is that a hack if so how can i do it XD?
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Skai13 Aug 3 @ 11:31pm 
Apprentice's secondary can be charged up for a medium size explosion. Are you refering to Mana Bomb, where he jumps in the air and slams down, creating a large explosion?
Deathshade Rune Aug 4 @ 4:17am 
It might have been the Classic's Eagle Crested Standard
Jorkfriend Aug 4 @ 4:22am 
The "Knockback" stat on mage staffs directly affects the AOE size on the right mouse button attack.

It might not have been hacked unless it literally covered the whole map and wasn't a mana bomb.
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