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Installing addon Red Hammer
by 470mF >:(
In ARMA: CWA missing addon RH coz it's developed by Codemasters unstead Bohemia it's not zombie mod. and i don't have zombie mods ...
How use Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 (Downgading Patch)
by _XeTeX_
Installation Guide Hot Patch 1.99-1.96 to help play on most multiplayer servers designed for version 1.96...
Widescreen FIX
Modified resource file along with proper configuration will diminish stretch effect so the Operation Flashpoint will look much better on a 16:9, 15:9, 16:10, 5:4 screens. Modification is also suitable for 4:3 monitors users (because of fixes and tweaks)...
How to Play Arma: CWA like a pro!
by animeuser1488
The Battle of Montignac and what happens after.
by Argonnek
This is a guide based on my personal experiences with the battle of Montignac and the mission after. The focus is mostly on the mission after Montignac, but will give some information on the battle for Montignac as well....
Dynamic Waypoint System
by Thor Kirienko
This is a waypoint system I have made for OFP. The absence of "AddWaypoint" and similar instructions to set waypoints by scripting in Cold War Assault really piss me off so I created this system to have a kind of "virtual waypoints system" so I can establ...