DeadPoolX Jan 23, 2013 @ 4:40am
Co-op Question
Hi, I'm wondering if Take-On Helicopters is playable co-op in that my wife and I could be in the same helicopter. I've heard this is possible with the Hind DLC, but I'd like to know about the vanilla game itself (primarily because my wife prefers non-military games).

If it is possible with the standard game, can we test this out in the demo or is it only available in the full game?

Thanks ahead of time! :)
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wobbler Feb 17, 2013 @ 5:45am 
Haven't played for a while, but the only heli I remember finding with my friend that we could fly together was the hind, and that is (I think) only available in the full release and after buying the hinds DLC.
Wait for a sale. I got it really really cheap on steam during one of their sales about 18 months ago. I also got the hinds DLC for half price a few months later on steam.
I would honestly say that it is a very good game, but it isn't worth full price, and I would definitely try either the demo or make sure you can run arma 2 OA without any problems, as many people have trouble with the graphics engine running choppily/slowly. I have a little trouble myself, although it is almost non-existent on mid settings, even though I am well above top specs for the game.
Good luck, hope that helps
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