Arma 2: Private Military Company

Arma 2: Private Military Company

Flap Slapper Oct 27, 2013 @ 5:53am

We are the NATO Special Forces, an Arma Milsim Outfit dedicated to teamwork and good communications to work as a tight knit team to achieve the goals and missions set out whilst having a good time and maintaining a MilSim environment In Game. The unit is based on The Special Forces within the NATO Task Force and is able to handle all of Types of missions from hostage rescue to town capture.

We have recently finished our deployment in Takistan and are moving onto our new campaign which takes place in the Malayan jungle, the campaigns are usually 4-6 week’s worth of weekends or next campaign will be starting on November 9th as this gives a long enough period for our mission maker and campaign writer to finish the next campaign. In the mean time we will be running training every Sunday and playing a fill in operation every Saturday.

There is two parts to your training there is, Phase 1 and Phase 2.of what you would do if you joined the British armed forces.
Phase 1 & phase 2: phase 1 & 2 consists of what you would do if you joined the British armed forces. Your battle drills, section battle drills, CBRN(chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) drills among other thing.
advancement training/ Advance To Trade Training for specialist roles: this is where you train to do what YOU want to do whether it be a Sapper, Signaller/Yemen, combat medical technician. YOU think of it WE CAN DO IT.

We have a selection of groups for you to join, but sometimes maybe restricted do to over population. There are British and American groups within our community.

The British groups are:

  • 3rd PARA

  • Irish Army Rangers

  • Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing

  • 45 Commando

  • The American groups are:

  • Joint Special Forces Aviation Wing (American availability's)

  • 45 Commando (American availability's)

  • 101st Airborne: (Leadership Role Available)

  • 75th Rangers: (Potential Leadership Role Available)

    Enlistment Requirements:

    Have and legal copy of Arma 2 : Combined Operations or equivalent
    Have a working Microphone and speak Fluent English
    Have some enthusiasm for milsim gaming and teamwork
    Be Mature [NO AGE LIMIT]

    To join the community come onto the TeamSpeak and speak to one of 6 people listed below:
    2.Lt Holdsworth
    Contact detail:

    Website -
    Email -
    TeamSpeak 3 Server -
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