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Car Mechanic Simulator 2018

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Red Dot Games  [developer] Jul 28 @ 7:05am
Next update
- redone tire grip settings - cars are way to slippery now (constant sliding)

Coming into game this month :
- Achievements
- Expandable Parkings
- New bonus track
- Modding addon (add your car parts into shop)

1.2.0 :
- added missing race track localizations
- bug when one car was underground in car salon fixed
- time measuring bug fixed
- updated colliders in race track
- sell junk bug fixed
- double esc race track bug fixed
- moving cars between parking and garage bugs fixed

- Race Track
- Car Salon
- blocked examine tools on engine crain
- fixed issue where not all examined parts were liste on car info page
- balanced restoration bonus
- fixes in handling mod cars

- added mouse sensitivity, mouse acceleration, mouse invert into game settings
- repair table not updating parts in inventory fixed
- newer cars now have better condition when taking orders than older cars
- v8 flywheel fixed
- small fixes in rotary engines
- added missing thumbnail
- added SELL ALL button
- fixed unmounting order bug
- corrupted story order data will be now auto reloaded
- bugs preventing from traveling to barn fixed
- paintshop part paint bug fixed
- added welder return to original place icon
- body parts after group unmount will not lost color

- fixed radiator refill cap problem
- parts wanishing bug fixed
- repair table duplication bug fixed

- added SELL JUNK button to inventory
- fixed 2 search points in junkyard
- addes missing colliders in junkyard
- fixed another oil drain problem
- fixed rare crash after pointing cursor into car body
- mayen m8 driveshaft fix
- added Reptilia R2 SUPERCHARGED version
- added Panther SUPERSPORT version
- added collision on parking pillars
- new i3 engines are now more powerful
- changing sterring wheel rare bug fixed
- updated / corrected story orders

- game optimalizations
- game graphics settings is now loaded properly - no need to hit apply on start of game
- you cannot take order when standing in arrival place now
- balanced junkyard/shed car condition/prices
- new I3 engine added
- new cars versions added (with various engines)
- fixed Mayen M8 parts aligment
- body condition should now calculate properly (100% for 100% good body parts)
- fixed new engine sounds volume
- updated Polish localization
- warehouse bugs fixed
- fixed oil refill bottle on v8 mag and v8 6p engines
- fixed double exhaust problems
- improved body mounting/unmounting
- you will be now informed about missing body parts
- fixed circle fill time after using it first time and having proper upgrade

- added Azerty option
- Bolt Chapman is now available in Orders, Sheds, Junkyard and Auctions
- Bolt Reptilia is now available in Orders, Sheds, Junkyard and Auctions
- engine sounds update part.1
- added missing starters to i4 engines
- fixed i6 engine stand position
- updated Dodge car models
- proper taillight in dodge challenger
- fixed cars configs
- fixed story orders
- welder and interior tool effect is permanent now
- better engine missing parts logic in junkyard/shed/auction cars
- rim 100 fix
- wheel balaner takes less time to finish

- welder fix (will repair also chrome parts etc)
- interior tool fix
- engine stand fixed engine positioning
- engine stand fixed engine scale
- bolt reptilia mission fixed
- avalanche mission fixed
- v8 ohv 6p engine clip fixed

- Bolt Reptilia mission fixed
- fixed selling Licence Plate
- money resetting after tutorial bug fixed
- rebalanced tire and rim prices

- added Front exhaust section A (V6 B) to shop
- added Front exhaust section B (V6 B) to shop
- added pipe in i6 air intake
- fixes in v6 engine (thanks to Dima for detailed inspection)
- added some missing colliders into junkyard map

- Eleni Caliope is now available in sheds, auctions, junkyard and orders
- enabled radio with some fixes
- fixed traveling to junk/barn/shed bug
- olsen grand club mission fix
- added missing fuel filter to engines
- added missing clips to engines
- V6 engine added
- auction room, last car black screen fixed
- 2 missions fixed
- fixed Body Hellcat small bug
- fixed Dodge Challenger small bugs
- fixed Dodge Charger small bugs
- paintshop piemenu fix
- piemenu is blocked in pause menu now
- fixed some localization bugs
- auctions now have proper thumbnails of car
- car in parking now have proper value calculated
- oil drain / fill / dipstick will not show condition in inspector
- body orders small bugs fixes
- inproper parts positioning bug fixes

- finishing order black screen fix
- tire thread / fuel pressure tool fix

- fixed quitting by esc from group mount menu
- fixed quitting by esc from wheel balancer menu
- Salem Spectre missing parts added (again)
- Sakura gt20 missing parts added (again)
- updated ssao effect
- added Portuguese language
- fixed FMW Panther mission
- Salem Flamo bumper/fenders bug fixed
- ui fixes
- fixed magnum liveries
- no more #benchFront in orders
- fixed bug in which after canceling group mount items were lost
- engine stand small fix
- quiting without saving game fix
- disabled commandline console
- royale gtr rear bumper/licence plate fix

- confirmation window after selecting new game
- confirmation window after selecting delete profile
- Salem Spectre missing parts added
- Sakura gt20 missing parts added
- oil cap / oil dipstick / oil drain plug will now not be counted into car condition, also not showing condition
- more tire size added
- body parts are now reperable in repair bench (require last repair skill)
- auto savegame after finishing orders
- ui fixes in junkyard and shed
- Engine Head V8 OHV D missing last Valve Push Rod fix
- Removing gearbox possible without removing driveshaft/front axles fix
- Royale GTR front bumper bug fixed

- #benchFront in orders fix
- added Rear Muffler E to the shop
- rare problem with installing wheels fixed
- car sell game crash fix
- fixed using ENTER when mounting group of parts making game hang
- you cannot take off oil cap and dipstick from engine crain now
- some parts need to be disassembled before installing engine on crain now working properly
- missions description now should resize correctly
- upgrade reset now will not reset garage updates
- bug with selling licence plate
- you cannot move car to parking without wheels
- item sell price corrected
- Engine Heads (V8 OHV D) names fixed
- interior assemble and disassemble localization fix
- V8 OHV D fixes
- rotary oil pan bolts fixed

- REPAIR BENCH not showing parts to repair fixed
- WHEELs can be installed properly now. No more "no items to work with" on balanced wheels for some cars
- fixed ingame DLC menu showing wrong installed dlcs
- menu ui fixes
- mazda rx7 exhaust manifold fix
- mazda rx3 exhaust manifold fix
- mazda rx7 air filter box fix
- added TUTORIAL screen overlay information
- Mayen M3 4x4 is now 4x4 not FWD
- Selecting profile will not move you to back Profiles list
- INTERIOR parts are now saved, so if you changed steering wheel or seat it will load it
- fixed bug that make black screen in various location (related to Interior parts)
- performance optimalizations
- small changes in car configurations
- fixed garage collisions
- fixed garage level 2 upgrade shelf clipping

- Welder tool fixed
- Interior tool fixed
- Leaving shed without car bug fixed
- Leaving shed from pause menu bug fixed
- Moving car from shed to garage bug fixed
- fixed skill upgrades working
- Front Exhaust Section (V8 OHV D) fix
- all languages update
- moving car from parking to garage improvements
- esc exit from interior and mechanic mode fixes
- lowering car on the ground without wheels are blocked
- licence plate are now disabled from repairs
- test track black screen fixes
- repair table parts rendering fixes
- fixes in repair table logic
- tablet is now available in mount mode
- pie menu language fixes
- missions loop fix (it could need to start over the game)

- I4 engine fixes
- I4 4x4 engine fixes
- I6 engine fixes
- Rotary engine fixes
- V8 F air filter parts missing from shop fix
- auctions black screen fixes
- taking car from auctions bug fixes
- skipping all cars in auctions bug fix
- added Auctions sounds
- few parts textures and materials fixes
- double car purchase bug fixed
- upgrades will now open with upgrade selected
- Path Test not working bug fixed
- parking car duplication bug fixed
- shed and junk prices balanced
- tutorial ending bugs fixed
- small optimalizations

- I6B engine bugs fixed
- V8 engine bugs fixed
- Polish translation fixed
- German translation braking game bug fixed
- Intercoolers thumbs and names fix
- fixed Dodge Charger engine major bug
- fixed Dodge Challenger engine major bug
- fixed intro movies bugs on some configurations
- temporary disabled radio due to some windows libraries issues (we will work on that)
- Steam integration fixed
- double menu sfx bug fixed
- moving customer car into parking bug fixed
- interior toolkit fix / welder fix
- i6 downpipe fix
- broken "rubber bushings" fix
- oil cap fix
- parts dissapearing/glitching/etc fixes

- Fixed localization bug
- Fixed Splash screen for Poland
- Updated Sakura GT20 model
- Added mouse cursor in Main Menu
- small optimalization fixes
- Dutch language temporaty fix

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