SMILEDOZER Nov 12, 2012 @ 12:30pm
How exactly are you supposed to play this game?
Though i really like the concept and visuals of this game, i find it's main element, combat, to be disruptive at best. i mean, how exactly is one supposed to do it?
i first tried a laser\gatling gun combo, and it worked (sometimes! sometimes, i annihilate averything in seconds, other times i just die or sit around looking at millioms of shots being fired both ways and nothing happens) until i entered the wormhole where ships suddenly were immune to laser fire. quite odd, considering they have numerous different lasers to fit onto the ships, i can't seem to have them perform their most basic task; penetrate shield, destroy module. even when i fit the whole ship full of lasers, and aim at one point, it fires like a maniac and nothing happens. wow.
Firing like a maniac is of course subject to wether the ai aiming system manages to continue firing at the same ship, if it doesn't just disable all the weapons as it sees fit.
Seriously, i do enjoy games that are hard to beat, but having to fight computer over how i want to control my ships is like throwing eggs out the window and expecting the outside not to be covered in eggs.

did the developers perhaps release any patches that solves this redicilousness?
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Halorker Nov 24, 2012 @ 11:55am 
The first thing you probably need to understand is what each type of weapon does. Gatlings are used for damaging the hull. They are not very precise so don't use them to target subsystems. That's what lasers are for. Lasers are incredibly precise which makes them ideal for destroying devices, but they don't do a lot of damage to the hull. After going through the wormhole, most ships you fight have shields which will block everything. Don't worry though, you are given access to a weapon type meant specifically for taking down shields. If you don't know what a weapon does, there is a description in the top right when you click on the module that gives you a rundown on what it does. Don't rely on any one weapon type. I think the key to success in this game is a balance of the three.
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