spen25 2012년 9월 28일 오후 5시 28분
Great Game
Just picked it up after checking out the kickstarter page for the sequel and wow, having a blast! Great after I found the widescreen hack, wondering what are the most popular mods out there? Res packs? Campaigns?
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phyldar 2012년 10월 4일 오후 12시 40분 
did you manage to change the resolution?? my doesn't seem to work
spen25 2012년 10월 4일 오후 1시 51분 
You have to edit the registry
helgish 2012년 10월 14일 오후 8시 46분 
Hunh, how? I can't seem to get the resolution to stay at the highest level. Even after a restart the resolution is still at it's lowest. Please help.
[APOC] giganova 2012년 10월 23일 오전 6시 14분 
These instructions fixed my resolution and FOV issues: http://arparso.de/nexus/forum/index.php/topic,39.0.html

Just keep in mind that you will need administrative access to get these changes to stick!
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