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spen25 2012年9月28日 17時28分
Great Game
Just picked it up after checking out the kickstarter page for the sequel and wow, having a blast! Great after I found the widescreen hack, wondering what are the most popular mods out there? Res packs? Campaigns?
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phyldar 2012年10月4日 12時40分 
did you manage to change the resolution?? my doesn't seem to work
spen25 2012年10月4日 13時51分 
You have to edit the registry
helgish 2012年10月14日 20時46分 
Hunh, how? I can't seem to get the resolution to stay at the highest level. Even after a restart the resolution is still at it's lowest. Please help.
[APOC] giganova 2012年10月23日 6時14分 
These instructions fixed my resolution and FOV issues:,39.0.html

Just keep in mind that you will need administrative access to get these changes to stick!
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