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Hunter XMG 2012年9月16日 20時29分
CD Key?
I have the game on disc and I have the CD key to play it. My question is, is there anyway to use the CD key on Steam and play the game through here?
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Badoks 2012年9月17日 21時12分 
Same, I have 2 copies of the game and half of each copy (one game disk and one isntall disk) from each copy. Because of that I can't install and play the game. Is there any way to get around that because I have the CD key for the games?
Amtie 2012年9月23日 3時03分 
Same, I've got an unopened copy of the game and I have tried putting in the installation key into the Steam activation thing but it keeps telling me that it's an invalid key. :(
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