IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover

fontaine Apr 27, 2014 @ 7:48pm
Anyone fancy joining me for some training/re-training in the near future?
Hullo all, since its nearing Battle of Britain season again, and considering I haven't been on the game since last September, I'm going to be delving back into it all fairly soon. I am, however, going to have to retrain myself to get the hang of it all again (though I procured a Spitfire manual a few months ago, so that shouldn't be too difficult!). You're all cordially invited to join me, whether you're new to the game or a twenty-minuter wanting to improve your skills up there, its always good to have some company!
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JG4_Continu0 Apr 28, 2014 @ 2:29am has a Teamspeak-Server where you can meet people and also a forum-section where you can find wingmans, etc. I recommend looking there...!
fontaine Apr 28, 2014 @ 12:29pm 
Oh yeah I've been on ATAG for ages, just wanted to mention to anyone on here as well that might be looking for someone to do some non-combat flying with
Punisher_X Apr 28, 2014 @ 10:58pm 
un a BRAND NEW IL:2 player coming from an extensive past in War Thunder FRB's! I'm still getting everything set-up, patch wise, but I will be available here very soon. e-mail me at
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