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Serial_Thriller 2012年12月20日 18時41分
How does this compare the Armored Princess?
Does it contain all of the same content and more?
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ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ MAPLE STRONK ᕦ( ᐖ )ᕤ 2012年12月24日 2時55分 
Yes, it is essentially Armored Princess with some extra content, including extra units and sidequests in the main campaign along with a few mini-campaigns on the side.
Serial_Thriller 2012年12月24日 4時43分 
Ok, get Crossworlds and skip Armored Princess.
Hexatona 2012年12月28日 18時59分 
But, do you need to have Armored Princess to play Crossworlds?
M4T2E 2012年12月28日 19時41分 
I found that news:
"...The games are now technically independent and can be installed separately, so if you played King’s Bounty: Crossworlds before, you can restore your savegames by copying them..." (
That sounds to me that you could buy King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Crossworlds without missing anything for a lower price than the King's Bounty: Platinum Edition.
It seems that the Platinum Edition is only useful if you want to play King's Bounty: Armored Princess without the tweaks from King's Bounty: Crossworlds.
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Serial_Thriller 2012年12月28日 19時53分 
"It seems that the Platinum Edition is only useful if you want to play King's Bounty: Armored Princess without the tweaks from King's Bounty: Crossworlds."

And who would want that right?
Hexatona 2012年12月28日 19時55分 
Well, I'll let you know in an hour. but from what I read in a thread in armored prinvcesses forum, the cross worlds has both the original armored princess AND the expanded version, but I'm donloading it right now so I'll let you know.
Serial_Thriller 2012年12月28日 20時00分 
Thanks man, my purchase hinges upon your discoveries!
Hexatona 2012年12月28日 20時05分 
-_- i was hoping that when i bought the platinum edition, it would give me giftable versions of each game, but nay it is all as one package. I already had Legend, so once this download finishes, we will see whether the addition of armored prnicess was pointless or not.
greggray 2012年12月28日 20時12分 
It may be that princess is there for Mac users and cross worlds is there for PC.
Hexatona 2012年12月28日 21時19分 
Okie doke, So i just installed crossworlds and it indeed both contains Armored princess in its original glory, and in its expanded form.
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Serial_Thriller 2012年12月28日 21時30分 
Ok, that settles that then. Thanks.
Brokolino 2012年12月28日 22時39分 
Hey guys, one question. I bought Crossworlds, but do not own Armored Princess. Based on your conversation, does this mean I am able to play the Armored Princess campaign too? Or do I need to buy Armored Princess to gain access
Voltaran 2012年12月28日 22時43分 
I just bought Crossworlds too, I launched it to check and the Armored Princess campaign is there and i do not own Armored Princess.
Brokolino 2012年12月28日 22時44分 
Nice ^^ I'm actually unable to check because the only computer I have access to right now is my old craptop. Anyway, thanks for a quick reply!
=EGC= Serenity 2012年12月28日 23時37分 
No, you do NOT need AP.
Yes, the original AP campaign is included, and the extended (or AP + Expansion) version as well a couple others.

In fact, just get Crossroads and skip AP. CR also has better Widescreen support. No black bars.
Great game BTW.
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