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!!!How to beat BIT.TRIP RUNNER without dying!!!
от The God of Chins
Me show hao 2 win!...
Bit.Trip Runner World 3 / Perfects
от Fox! ϡpeace + 🐺
Use this guide if you are stuck on the timing of something or if you want a preview of what you are going to have to deal with in the retro levels. This only covers World 3....
Fixing sound problems
от Leetel Yerry Seinfeld
Two methods to fix common sound glitches....
Fixing the insta-crash on start-up [all BIT.TRIP games]
от Franc[e]sco | http://hnng.moe
This is for all those whose game is instantly closing or crashing on start-up....
How to be a Bit.TRIP fan
от Dr. Isaac