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Adhrast 2012年9月25日下午12:10
Bit.Trip Runner on Mac
Hello, just got B.TR as additional content with HIB, but for some weird reason I can't get it to work, a message shows, which says "Corrupt game files". What can I do?
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aowi 2012年9月25日下午1:32 
I have no solution, but I get the same error, so you're definitely not alone in seeing this. (Also got Bit.Trip Runner as part of the HIB and also on a Mac)
最后由 aowi 编辑于; 2012年9月25日下午1:32
Twilight Shadow 2012年9月25日下午1:36 
Same here. 2011 15 in. MBP
Acrotism 2012年9月25日下午1:43 
Same here on my iMac. The game doesn't seem to have been patched since it's release in 2011. Could it be a Mountain Lion issue?
BrianG2k 2012年9月25日下午1:58 
Same here. blah.
Shamus McAran 2012年9月25日下午2:11 
If you download it directly from Humble Bundle site it works. I guess we have to play it like that until they release patch for steam version.
Croc 2012年9月25日下午2:13 
It's definitely not a Mountain Lion problem. I'm running on Snow Leopard and I'm getting the same error.
The Louis Vuitton Don 2012年9月25日下午5:24 
Same here on my iMac 2011
spec2 2012年9月25日下午8:46 
Yep, here too. 10.7. Dang.
Asuna-chan 2012年9月25日下午8:48 
same issue here. running mountain lion
MisterPhame 2012年9月25日下午11:16 
Ditto. Mountain Lion as well.
Squinternator 2012年9月25日下午11:36 
Same here, on 10.6 OSX
Adhrast 2012年9月26日上午12:35 
I've got a MBA 11" running Mountain Lion and I've never had problems running most Mac games, so I think the game hasn't been updated since its release.
Which is bad, cause even if downloading it right from the HIB site it works, I LOVE achievements and even if I'm not THAT much of a completionist, I like getting them :P
I'll try emailing Gaijin anyway, thanks for the feedback guys :)
RGYB 2012年9月26日上午7:02 
Got the same issue. 10.7.4, 15 in. 2011 MBP.
anden3 2012年9月26日上午9:14 
Same here, on Lion.
GaijinGames  [开发者] 2012年9月26日上午9:15 
Hey everyone! Gaijin Games here. We're surprised to hear this, and are looking into it right now. Hang tight! We'll get ya up and running!
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