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L0cky 2013年3月11日下午4:09
Last Achievements (*Spoilers*)
I'm wondering what two of the achivements are:

TimbleTaunt - Watch the hidden cutscene
Misstep - Get the Game Over

Any one have any ideas?
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L0cky 2013年3月11日下午4:35 
Ok, I got Misstep, just took a guess and I was right :)

Don't take the jump pad at the very end of the last boss level!
ILoveJesus 2013年3月19日下午8:49 
i got timbletaunt by beating the game on perfect diff. and watching past the end game credits. The cut scene happens after the credits.
L0cky 2013年3月23日下午2:09 
Thanks, I'll give it a try!
L0cky 2013年3月23日下午2:23 
Hehe, funny. What was it he said?

You are not a man!? Really?
m_ender 2014年3月1日下午1:45 
There is no need to do it on perfect difficulty. Just watch all the way through the credits (and the following cut scene) after playing through on normal difficulty.
BluePaw 🐾 2014年11月6日上午12:18 
Actually I gotten timbletaunt on easy difficulty...
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