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maya.zimmerman 2013年1月21日 9時44分
dx9: failed to create fullscreen device
I've seen a couple of people mention having this problem, but haven't found a solution. I've deleted and reinstalled BIT.TRIP RUNNER and reinstalled Directx9 and reinstalled my display adapter drivers, but I always get this same error message. It's so frustrating! My son and I love this game so much and it really stinks to have paid for it and be unable to play it! :(
最近の変更はmaya.zimmermanが行いました; 2013年1月21日 12時35分
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caromiau 2013年5月12日 10時41分 
Same problem here :/
maya.zimmerman 2013年5月19日 11時42分 
Actually, I bought a new graphics card and it started working. It's a GeForce 8400 GS, which I got for only $30 at Amazon ( ).
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