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OriginalPablo 28. dec 2012 kl. 10:30
Problems starting the game, maybe save or steam cloud related
When I try to run the game, it tries to sync with the steam cloud to get the saves, but it always returns with an error that it's not possible and prompts me to choose to continue anyway but that I may lose my savedgames.

Is not a problem with my connection since I can play other games that use steam cloud just fine.

Even if I disable steam cloud for the game, I still can't save anything, not even the options. I change to fullscreen and it tells me that the changes will take effect when I restart the game. But if I close and start the game again, it still starts in windowed mode and the options stay as they were originally.

Anyone experiencing a similar problem? I could play the game perfectly in the past, but since I reformatted my PC I'm having trouble with this game. Every other game plays fine, tried verifieng game cache, and uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem persist :(
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OriginalPablo 29. dec 2012 kl. 7:27 
Thanks for the response, but that wasn't the problem.

I finally managed to fix it, the problem was that I used the program GameSave Manager to make a backup of my gamesaves, but the program also uses linked folders for the savedgames.

Well due to the reformat of my PC, I moved this savegames directory to another folder that the BTR saves folder was linked to, so if I was trying to check this folder it gave me an error. What I did was just placing the gamesaves directory back to where it was originally (before reformatting my PC), and the game started without problem.
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