Linux support?
Now tthat Steam for Linux has hit open beta, I'd love to see the Bit.Trip games on Linux. I know that there are already Linux builds of Beat and Runner (I'm assuming it wouldn't be too hard to put the Steamworks features removed for those builds back in), and it'd also be awesome if we could get Core and Void, too!
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Seconding the motion. One reason less to reboot to Windows would be nice :)
This would be a handy thing, as runner is allready compatable.
Me too! It's the perfect game to hit between two pomodori.
+1! Especially since Runner is already on Desura
Автор останньої редакції: TinyGrasshopper; 19 січ 2013 о 20:15
+1 - Even if it's initially released without achievements, it would be great to have Linux availability through Steam.
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