gurney halleck Jun 29 @ 4:32pm
controls seem really delayed..?
just picked up the game and enjoying it, but the controls seem really delayed. looked around for an adjustment to accomodate without any luck.

any advice on this? or are the controls intended to feel just that little bit laggy for the sake of the rhythm?
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Shadetrap Jun 30 @ 2:19am 
Did you try disable V-Sync?
gurney halleck Jun 30 @ 7:49am 
didn't even think of that. much obliged!

vsync off and a fresh restart did the trick. thanks.
Shadetrap Jun 30 @ 8:40am 
m, Jul 1 @ 5:16pm 
That made my game drop from "Impossible" to "Insane", thank you.
I was starting to think the lag was for the sake of rythm... but that would be just bad game design.
godlion Jul 11 @ 8:45am 
try use keyboard instead of joystick
m, Jul 19 @ 2:08pm 
I think the controller gives me luck. I play this game with a certain level of supertition.
Gamma Crusty Sep 2 @ 5:11pm 
Ohhh so thats what it is. Thanks.
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