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Fullscreen trouble? In-Game Options Not Saving or Responding? Look here.
So, I decided to come back to BEAT after a bit of a break, but something was wrong. While the game background was properly filling the screen, the other assets (everything from the main menu options down to the "loading..." animation) were completely off-center. While I could interact with menu options, gameplay was completely off-center and unplayable, and the options menu was jumbled and unresponsive. I couldn't change resolution and changing fullscreen wouldn't stick. But thanks to a thread here, I found how to access the .cfg for the game and manually change options and thought I'd open a thread with a general guide for the .cfg file.

Before I start, if anyone has any relevant insight (other OS .cfg locations, hidden variables, etc.) please post them here and I will edit accordingly.

Locating the .cfg File
Windows Vista/7: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\local\Bit.Trip Beat\beat.cfg

Contents of the .cfg File
The .cfg is a plain test file that can be edited with any word processor, though Notepad or equivalent works just fine. Inside will be a block as follows:

Fullscreen = yes
Resolution = 1920x1080x32 @ 30Hz
WindowSize = 1600x900
VSync = yes
MouseSpeed = 1.000
MouseSensitivity = 10
EnableKeyboard = no
KeyboardSensitivity = 5
EnableGamepad = yes
GamepadSensitivity = 5
EnableVibration = yes

Editing the .cfg File
Each line in the .cfg corresponds with an option in-game. Below are descriptions of the different options, as well as examples of what each option accepts as input:

Fullscreen: Accepted variables = yes, no
This line tells the game whether or not to run in fullscreen mode. If changing fullscreen mode in-game won't take, you can change it here.

Resolution: Accepted variables = vert.xhor.xdepth @ refresh (example: 1920x1080x32 @ 30Hz)
This line tells the game what resolution, depth and refresh rate to use in fullscreen mode. If your screen seeems misaligned or jumbled, or if changing resolution in game won't work, you can adjust it here. Unless you want to mess around with a custom resolution, set the value to your native resolution, depth and refresh rate,

WindowSize: Accepted variables = vert.xhor. (example: 1600x900)
This line tells the game what resolution to use in windowed mode. If your window seems larger than your screen, causing play field or window controls to be off-screen, and changes made in-game won't take, set this line to a resolution smaller than your native resolution.

VSync: Accepted variables = yes, no
This line tells the game whether or not to wait for vertical sync. If changing VSync in game won't take, you can change it here. Of note: this game seems to run its best with VSync off. If you notice a lot of stuttering in-game, try turning VSync off to see if it improves.

MouseSpeed: Accepted variables = (example: 1.000)
This value seems to multiply the movement speed of your mouse, allowing fine tuning of the mouse to give speeds over or under the set sensitivity level. As opposed to MouseSensitivity, this option changes cursor speed in menus as well. There is no in-game option for this, so it can only be adjusted here. I have tested and it does stack with changes made to MouseSensitivity.

MouseSensitivity, KeyboardSensitivity and GamepadSensitivity: Accepted variables = 1 - 10 (example: 5)
These lines control the game sensitivity of the corresponding device (if active). The higher the value, the more sensitive the device will be when receiving commands to move the paddle.

EnableKeyboard and EnableGamepad: Accepted variables = yes, no
These lines enable keyboard and gamepad control in-game. Having one active will not disable mouse control, nor will having both active cause control conflicts with each other.

EnableVibration: Accepted variables = yes, no
This line controls gamepad vibration. It should be noted that, while this option can be freely changed, it will only function if EnableGamepad is set to yes (whether or not the gamepad is actually used).
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rallygou Jan 5, 2013 @ 4:09pm 
Thanks :)
Tx Longhorn Mar 11, 2013 @ 11:37am 
Thank you so much. I freaked when I tried to play today and it suddenly went all wonky...Cheers!
Sporkinyoureye Jun 30, 2013 @ 8:32am 
Thanks for this. When I updated to the "more efficient format" it screwed up my resolution settings and I couldn't set the options in-game.
Azure Fang Jun 30, 2013 @ 1:10pm 
Originally posted by Sporkinyoureye:
Thanks for this. When I updated to the "more efficient format" it screwed up my resolution settings and I couldn't set the options in-game.

Yeah, that's when it screwed me up as well. Wish I could get this sticked
Azure Fang Jun 9, 2014 @ 5:32pm 
Yay thread necromancy! I've copied this to a game guide, so any thread pruning won't get rid of everything here. I'll adjust the flow of the guide when I get back from work.
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