3dvirtual Nov 17, 2013 @ 3:13am
Hydra Razor support ?
I’ve purchased the game only for its support to Hydra Razor as they say in the specs, but don’t know how to activate it(in the options menu only says “gamepad” but not happens if activated)

Yes, I know if I have loaded MotionCretator (Sixense program) I can emulate the mouse, but this is not native support (only X,Y movement) and this is not what I want when I pay for a game that supports specifically this controller.

If it can’t support natively Hydra Razor, I don’t want the game, how I get back my money? (only played 3 minutes to test the hydra). Thanks
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joeybuddy96 Jul 6 @ 4:55am 
It's Razer with an 'e'. Pretty sure mouse emulation is as good as it's going to get--its game mechanics are 2D, so there's no reason for it to support any 3D mousing. Sixense is apparently no longer licensing their product to Razer, so I doubt you either company will refund your money and all sales through Steam are final. Sixense is making a newer version on their own called STEM. The achievement for BEAT specifically says it has to be a Razer Sixense, so whether they'll accept that achievement once the product is released in October is up to the game producers. You might want to at least get the SIXTH SENSE achievement since only two Steam users have gotten it.
3dvirtual Aug 6 @ 10:42am 
Thanks joeybuddy96, this isn't what I expected when bought the game, but I understand hydra Razor is not so popular, what a pity...
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