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stephanbertram Jun 30, 2014 @ 9:56pm
crashing and bugginess work around win 7 xp vista etc
crashing and bugginess work around win 7 xp vista etc
while trying to get this spectacular game to work i discovered compatibility mode which allows programs to run on an emulated older version of windows ie for riven windows 98 setting it to compatibility mode reduces the amount of crashes and bugs due to incompatible software coding etc its a simple fix that will take less than a minute

step 1 open steam
step 2 right click on myst riven etc
step 3 click on properties
step 4 click on local files tab
step 5 click browse local files
step 6 scroll till you find the game icon that is an application
step 7 right click on the game application
step 8 click on properrties
step 9 click on the compatibility tab
step 10 check the box that says run this program in compatibility mode for
step 11 select what version of windows you would like the game to be emulated in (riven works very well in windows 98/me and myst will work in 95 or 98/me)
step 12 check run program as administrator
step 13 click apply
step 14 click ok
step 15 play game normally and enjoy with a lot less problems

So enjoy my fellow adventurers and if you have any trouble or questions dont hesitate to ask i have a lot of tech experience and i am willing to share the knowledge any time hope this helps