Swords and Soldiers HD

Swords and Soldiers HD

Aki Sep 27, 2012 @ 3:09pm
1) Audio with headphones is painful since left side stuff is purely out of the left side. This makes sense for stereo speakers, but not for headphones.
2) To measure the distance the mouse has traveled then recenter the mouse to the center of the screen severely alters how the user's natural mouse settings works. This cause the mouse sensitivity in game for me to be dramatically higher. You are not a First Person Shooter. Don't act like one. Use a normal mouse as it is intended to be used.
If you wish to screw it the mouse sensitivity, provide a mouse sensitivity option within game.
3) You are not an IPad game in Steam. You are a PC game. Act like it. There is an entire wasted keyboard waiting for commands. Starting each of the unit types building could be done by numbers, or perhaps provide a shortcut key for each of the units. Spell casting is annoying without shortcut keys. If these kind of keys are available, they weren't marked on the screen as such.
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Gloibin Nov 16, 2012 @ 2:25am 
Why is the art for the enemy units the same as my units?
demontrace Nov 16, 2012 @ 10:23pm 
I have the game on the Wii, and while it's good, I'm kinda disappointed by this port. Yeah the graphics are nice, but I am also disappointed by the controls. I mean the mouse is easier to use than a wiimote, but the keyboard is really under utilized.

Of course maybe some buttons ARE used that I don't know of, but there's no manual listed for the game. I think that's a little sloppy. They could have wrote up SOMETHING. Otherwise I like the game.

Also I hate how terrible the Aztecs seem in comparison to the Vikings and Chinese. Their elite spell is easily countered by towers. Other than that, Poison is their only damaging spell, and that's a DoT. Burning Arrows is way better. Snowstorm, or even lightning is better also for the Vikings. I also find every unit to be easily countered by the other race's units and spells. It's really sad. I keep going back to them here and there to see if I'm missing something, but I try different strategies, and nothing works as well as what the Chinese and Vikings have available to them.

Also the Challenge levels are a complete joke. I like it when I'm playing something like that, and the game doesn't cheat to even the playing field. In this game it's obnoxious how much the computer cheats to have an edge. I mean I can understand it's a challenge mode, so the sheer number of units makes sense that I have to counter those. But do you really have to keep casting spells with no cooldown? If there IS a cooldown it's extremely short, and the computer seems to have infinite mana too. I can deal with the units, but not when a huge army is coming at me with the spells available to all 3 races, and can continuously cast them at me, and augment their units with them as well. It's just a little too much. I can't last longer than 20 some odd minutes in survival once the computer turns on super cheat mode.

I have no idea how some people have play times that go up to past 5 hours.
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