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BirdMaN 26 nov 2012, ore 4:45
Survival Mode * Single Player
Hello. Thinking buying this game. Survival mode is for single player offlline or ... only for 2 players online ? Thanks in advance for reply
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Silver 5 dic 2012, ore 11:55 
online its called Kill Tally
offline its Challende mode
so it can be played both online with a friend or offline alone
†LK†EagleWatch 9 dic 2012, ore 4:48 
If you can run the game offline, you can do it by yourself. Survival mode is called Kill Tally, which is IN the Challenge Mode, on single player. It is called the same thing in coop, if you are online.
Indeed, can be played as long as you want.
Beware though, the survival stops at 10 waves - you win the game at that point. 3 maps are available and can be played alone, 5 when you are online and playing coop.
BirdMaN 9 dic 2012, ore 16:11 
Thanks really much for reply ! :)
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