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[HNK] Actarus 2012年9月19日 4時27分
Random Wind - A new setting option in the Multipllayer game

It could be nice if it could be possible to add a new setting in the wind strengh (multiplayer) - a random option, no ?

The wind strengh would change during the game, not only 1 or 2 or 3 during all the time.
最近の変更は[HNK] Actarusが行いました; 2012年9月19日 4時27分
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Sherlock 2012年10月4日 17時32分 
That would be a nice touch. Or even, just have the wind change direction over the course of the map. Some maps (Kreuzberg comes to mind) are laid out in such a way that sometimes you can be shooting the same direction as the wind and so don't need to adjust, but the enemy is having to adjust left or right with the wind at it's maximum strength.
†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月11日 7時15分 
This would be awesome. I remember having a couple of shots where wind was changing, at the beginning of the museum for example. Trying to shot a sniper but my bullet landed somewhere else than it previously landed with the same compensation. That would make challenging MP matches.
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