Sniper Elite V2
Errors all the way
I have had nothing but errors witht the game and so far have not been able to start it up.

One error i get is that the game does not have enough diskpsace to install the updates (there is over 100gb available for the download)

Another error i get is that the game sometimes tells me that the game is missing the exe, which still makes no sense as the updates have not finished anyway.

I also have received unkown error messages which I also don't know what to do about.

Actions: So far i have Verified the integrity multiple times.
Reinstalled the game.
Maually run the Files in the redist folder.
Reinstalled steam.

And I am still unable to get the damn update finished
My PC specs far exceed the requirements to play Dunno if 64bit windows 7 is causing the issue.

I'm currently waiting for steam support to gimme some more hoops to jump through in order to get this game to work.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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EagleWatch Jan 4, 2013 @ 11:25pm 
One error i get is that the game does not have enough diskpsace (wow. this is usually a PC requirement to have enough diskspace). Check the official Sniper Elite V2 forum and website, they help a lot on it, and on the Steam troubleshooting forums as well.
I had myself numberous issues with the game, nothing that those websites have not resolved. Not it is good for m,e give it a look :
rico686 Jan 5, 2013 @ 1:42am 
Also check the Event Logs. It might give some info about the source of your issues.
If you're running Windows 7 and don't know how to view the Event Logs, here's the way:

1. Go to START
2. Type: event logs
3. In the menu click on 'View Event Logs'
4. Open 'Custom Views' and click on Administrative Events'
5. Check for errors and/or warnings in the middle section

After that you can do the same with Windows Logs and Application and Services Logs.
It might give you some direction of what or where the source could be.
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