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†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月13日下午10:50
Secret Kill and extra challenges !!!
Just wanted to share an extra challenge if you guys want a little more.
So here it goes.
Me and one of my friends playing coop mode, St. Obligartus Church. I sneaked up in houses while he took overwatch by the streets, taking out potential threats.
On the church sound, he started picking off targets. Then I have a killcam he made, still under cover. He was actually shooting to the tank in the streets. But the tank never exploded.
In fact, he was shooting at its little window on the front or something, because it was moving.
So the bullet landed there, then the tank literally stopped. It was not able to move anymore, like if he just killed the driver. The tank was still able to shoot.
I tried so many times, never managed to do it. I'm sending you an actual screenshot of the target you need to shoot. My mind was so blown away at this time, I never thought about taking a screenshot.
Hope it'll worth it ! (:
(I'm trying to get it).

Also, for those who have the Neudorf Outpost DLC, I'm sending another link here of my screenshot. It is simple, this is my final score at Neudorf Outpost in Sniper Elite mode. I dare you to try it to do this !! Details in description !!! (:
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BRT Cobra 2012年12月14日上午12:13 
this is old news people have been shooting that to disable the driver in the tank since the game came out lol
†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月14日上午1:18 
Thanks ! I didn't know that.
Thing is, for some reason, I keep missing him. This may be the only thing I never managed to do in this game. Have you checked the other screenshot though ?
†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月15日下午7:44 
Finally managed to get him - The killcam sounds awesome !
BRT Cobra 2012年12月17日上午11:30 
it does
BRT Cobra 2012年12月17日上午11:32
i think i get the tank driver kill in this vid
Rico 2012年12月30日下午12:40 
I made a video from the Olibartus Church mission where I killed the drivers from the 3 tanks.
Need to comvert it and upload it.
†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月30日下午5:00 
Hey, for some reason, the Kar98k and the SVT-40 are not working when shooting the driver. I tried every single rifle, in numberous missions where I could shoot the tanks. These rifles never gave me any kill. You might want to check it out, it seems that the tank driver shot is incompatible with the Kill Hitler DLC.
†LK†EagleWatch 2012年12月30日下午5:01 
And btw, for proof of my 0 points screenshot, I'm working on making a video, gameplay for 0 points. ;)
Rico 2013年1月1日上午11:12 
About the K98, you're right. I also tried to kill the driver in the tank but it didn't work. Maybe they forgot to make it compatible with all the maps and animations. It was funny to kill the driver with the M1 Carbine...., such a small weapon and a really stupid sound. They gave the weapon the most stupid sound you can imagine. The gun sounds like someone's coughing when having a bad cold.
最后由 Rico 编辑于; 2013年1月3日上午8:35
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