Sniper Elite V2
What do you guys think of the game?
I bought Sniper Elite V2 anyways. Even the console players are into this game? Forgot what I was going to say but I was at the store couple days ago and according to the box this game is labled as a SNIPER SIMULATION? Get out of here I laughed.

This game is most likely banned in Europe (duh) but to REBELLION, is there a chance to get an expansion or just a all new part of the game called SNIPER ELITE Eastern Front (story of Major Konig).
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This game you play as bunch of crap I talked about while driving as if I was on a tvshow and ewveryone could hear me. THE V2 ROCKET FACTORY? Yeah... V2s were a big deal in WW2 but I wasnt for sure how bad it was on London but thats not the point. It was hitting London and the Royal family was scared and♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥at Germany.

You have to remember CIA wasnt created and MI6 had their hands full. THEY (UK) were teaching the Yanks how to create this organization or agency for the govt. still. usa was still behind and was using it differently called OSS which was mainly the military. CIA is OSS but with more resources and able to do stuff freely in society now and internationally. MI6 had to teach the usa this and usa evolved OSS into CIA aka Central Intelligence Agency.
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So those of you that are like me saying THIS GAME IS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ WHY DIDNT WE JUST USE JAMES BOND TO ASSASSINATE THESE PEOPLE? Well for one I answered your question up on top and two this game is "SNIPER" elite. Not 007 ELITE.
All of you that bought this game wanted to know if this story is true or not? ITS FALSE okay? But I can answer you who did it. It was probably Moe Berg but he wasnt a sniper. Yes he was in OSS and worked for CIA when it was created. You remember Medal of Honor Allied Assault on computer? Who do you think did all of that? It was Moe Berg, a baseball player back during WW2 who got recruited by Nelson Rockefeller I think.
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V2 Rocket facitily, the aircrafts that pilots called UFOs or strange flying crafts called JETs and the Angel of Death. Those are the 3 things that should of been stopped and prevent others from learning about it. Who would do this? A selected group of men that came together to stop this from happening. Later on you called us... I mean you called it RAINBOW.

Awhile back I said if we ever invented a time machine. We should do something in WW2 or make a game out of it to prevent the others from learning about this. Stalin didnt like Hitler either after he did that but Stalin wasnt going to take♥♥♥♥♥♥from the Western part of Europe either.

Alls we had to do was 1 day (24 hour timehack) before D-DAY started which was the invasion into France on the beaches. Drop 5 gliders over Europe into certain areas. These would be a group of selected men to infiltrate Germanys warmachine and cover this up. V2 Rockets is technology we didnt want our (the ones who are HIERARCHY to us) enemies to find out about so we destroy the V2 facility and steal the documents and leave. Scientists will be bought out by USA later on. Me262 jets and Horten stealth bomber. Destroy the jets and steal the blueprints and schematics. There shouldnt of been that many jets compared to planes. So alot of explosives would be required for this. A new lite weight small type of charge/explosive thats size of a cellphone would take out an entire block of houses. Then finding Josef Mengele aka Angel of Death. Hes SS in medical field doing studies on humanbeings in concentration camps in the genetics and biology area. Interrogated and alive is whats up with him.

With all of this going on and covered up. No one would know what was really up with Nazi Germany except those who survived that were highranking. Maybe 40 years down the road someone might figure it out but it will be too late by then? We would already be ahead of the game by doing this.
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Whos Josef Mengele The Angel of Death? He was learning more about genetics but he didnt know what we know now about blood and genes and DNA. He only knew the basics pretty much. He was trying to keep a trait amongst everyone in Europe that was part of Nazi Germany. The blue eye, blonde hair and white skin gene was figured out. If Nazi Germany won WW2 they would of continued this genetic thing farther. Im not being racist but everyone always makes fun of blacks for being faster than whites right? Were you ever curious? And Samoans are better than blacks at sports about this too. What do you think Nazi Germany had on their mind with genetics? Yes they were going to do something like this and copy a gene from Samoans and put into the Germans. Samoans are the ARYANs. Thats what Hitler wanted too and thats what the Thule Cult Society was all about.
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Can I back this up with Pacific Ocean being the Aryans? I will use 1 example in sports. RUGBY. Africa finally beat Australia the last time I looked on the roster. New Zealand and Australia were all Samoans? Or were people only exaggerating that saying this?
And for the record, yes I was born POLYDACTYLY. I was born with a 6th finger on my left hand that was cut off at birth with a mark on side of my hand and religion cant explain this but science (biology) can. You will be surprised who else is Polydactyly.
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what... the... hell...?
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i have no words whatsoever now....
HK May 21, 2013 @ 6:24am 
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I.....don't know.......I'm completely lost
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Wow you find by yourself that this story is fiction....Here take this cookie boy!
congratulation(ho and by the way its a game
Aryans FTW... just stuff they dont teach you in school and in church. I wonder why? Especially if Im related to Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!!!
Just commit suicide already. Either me or you and Im the answer to all of this so yeah. "For every death we save a dollar" We wont have to waste taxes on you when you retire and freed up jobs in society. Unemployment rate went down too thanks to me.
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Rockefeller even cares about this... HES THINKING ON INTERNATIONAL LEVEL. Not just for nation. He has to if he wants to see the cause and effect to the usa.
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