Sniper Elite V2
CHE Apr 29, 2013 @ 10:50am
in the above game on the sniper elite level as you go down to get the documents how do you get past the russians i have tryed about 20 times help is now needed is there a tutorial or anything like that with thanks
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gaqo Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:32am 
It's just a matter of picking great places to shoot from(the longer the shot the less chance of them working out where you are), at the outskirts of game play,there's less chance of enemy coming up behind you, and there's some great holes in walls to shoot through,lots of patience! usual stuff. I'm not sure if this is built in, but Russians do seem more lethal! I find the best way to kill many troops, is to lure them to a place you've already checked out. Lay loads of traps. Go and kill a few,retreat to the protectable place, and wack them as they come through a doorway,for example. Oh,and get vicious!
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Valeriaan Apr 30, 2013 @ 1:43pm 
It's mainly trial and error. Had to reload that particular section countless times myself - I would always manage to get offed when there were four or so of them left. Together with the interior of the Kaiser Friedrich Museum it's easily the most frustrating part of the game on Sniper Elite.

I finally cleared Karlshorst by holding my ground downstairs for as long as I could, and when there were too many of them coming at me and I was in danger of being overrun I retreated to the area above and waited behind the corner of the open doors (on the outside).
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gaqo Apr 30, 2013 @ 4:03pm 
Yes I think that's the problem, the places you mention aren't really sniper territory. Snipers prefer to be high up, hidden, and using their specially designed rifles to pick off the enemy, at long distance. For Karishorst, I used that pretty intact building, a block away. You can take alot of the troops out on the stairs with trips and mines, but if you run there real quick, you can snipe them from upstairs, as they come out of the command post. There certainly seems to be alot of them, and I'm sure there's lots of inventive ways of stopping them! I had more problems with the Russian snipers, who are b******s!
twoscado May 1, 2013 @ 9:15pm 
You could always check out walkthroughs of this mission on youtube for different strategies.
triplanesubs739 May 1, 2013 @ 10:21pm 
How to take on KCP the easy way--PART 1-- #1.Set up---Rifle-Gerwehr 43,Pshhr-41,4 mines,1 tripmine.Go to crouch,move to doorway,second from right,set tripmine across doorway from slope on right to left of doorway.Retreat to building,inside got to prone,tap both soldiers coming down street.Way for them to cross trip wire mine-easy 1060 points.#2.go to dead guards and pick up ammo for rifle and MG.go thru building where you set the tripmine at.You see ,from inside the doorway before going out,second floor,second window sniper!! tag him and shoot him in head-600+ points.#3 go out door two steps,swivel right 45 degress,on second floor,in blasted room,sniper some times standing,some times crouched,tag him and shoot him in head.More Next.
triplanesubs739 May 1, 2013 @ 10:42pm 
How to take on KCP Part 2.#4. go thru building you just shot second floor sniper via green cased windows,via mantle,stay in crouch position,go out door,turn left go down street,bearing left side of street,watch out for TANK-If you see tank ,go to prone!! From either crouched or prone, on B-17 wing,you can sometimes shoot the two Russians in the lobby of the building across the inersection,to the left,sometimes one is in the second floor window.#5 stay on the left side of street,in front of you, you see a collapsed wall frooming a bullet and shell proof shelter.From this position,you can shoot,EVERYBODY in about a 120 degree field of fire,as long as use STAY UNDER THE BARRIER.You can see and shoot safely.Some how the enemy can shoot at your position,but rarely hit you.MORE NEXT.
triplanesubs739 May 1, 2013 @ 11:25pm 
How to take on KCP Part 3.#6.After you kill everybody in the building.I usually tag then kill,the reat of the wandering soldiers come out.Kill them ASAP. Then I usually tag the tank,wait for the tank is coming directly at you,just after the turn,shoot the driver,via the slot on the right side of the tank as its coming at you,then shoot the gas cap.Both at max range for max points.#7 Wait till you can no longer hear any voices !!! #8.Slide out your cubby hole,prone,go to the top of debris pile in center of street,slide left,kill left mg gunner,via head shot or grenade hit.Slide left a little more,line up with RIGHT mg gunner via door way slot,dispatch gunner,either head shot or grenade shot.MORE NEXT.
triplanesubs739 May 1, 2013 @ 11:45pm 
How to take on KCP Part 4.#9. Go to entrance of building,Place mine just on the edge of the threshold,place second mine about two feet closer to entrance of building.Enter building, see two sets of planks going down,place mine at point of gap left plank on dirt,place mine at piont of gap of right plank on dirt.Now your set for both sniper teams coming after shootout to get the plans!!! #10.Go down the ramp,bare left,to the stack of boxes,go prone and shoot everybody coming at you.POINT!! I usually take a my hangun of choice, the Colt .45.I switch from rifle,mg and handgun,from behind the crates,prone,to get everybody!!! MORE NEXT...
triplanesubs739 May 2, 2013 @ 12:56am 
How to take on KCP Part 5.#11.Collect all ammo and supplies from dead.Go to prone before you get tp post before pile of crates at end of corridoor.Slide to the left,tored the pile of crates,shoot the commander.Get the ammo from ammo box,then get plans.As you start to leave the commander's area,the last set of mines kill the first set of sniper teams,usually both with one mine,sometimes one each mine.and sometimes one by mine and you have to kill the other by rifle fire.#12. go to the ramp area,go up the left side of the ramp,just to a spot near the top of the ramp so you can see your old "defencepoint",but not to far up to get shot by the sniper in the window far away.When you see the sniper running thru the smoke near your old DP-run back down the ramp,to take out the next two snipers via the first set of mines you placed at the doorway. MORE NEXT...
triplanesubs739 May 2, 2013 @ 1:13am 
How to take on KCP Part 6.#13.Next go back up the ramp,just before you get to the top,go to prone posistion,slide left soo you can see the sniper thry the window,far away,between the left side of window.and the large floor support post.Tag and shoot sniper.Then slide left,over ramp edge,to tag and shoot sniper in building,second floor thru windows.#14.Then run to edge of building,left edge by street sign,crouch down,shoot sniper from around the edge of building ,or back upto a point you can add distance between sniper and you,without being shot!!! from here on take the rest of the snipers,the way you like to do it,your own way.TalyiHOO!!!
triplanesubs739 May 2, 2013 @ 1:19am 
I haven't done this amount of"how to play a mission" since the BUNKER FORUMS for Sniper Elite V1---my handle was and stll is,at most sites on the internet is---PANZER 225.
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