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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of Frequently Asked Question and the answers (updated frequently)

What is Tannenberg?
Tannenberg is a continuation of the 1914-1918 WW1 Game Series, building on the legacy created by the first game in the franchise - Verdun. Tannenberg is a standalone expansion, meaning you do not need to own Verdun to play.

What content can we expect?
Tannenberg features new maps, weapons, squads, and the new 64 player Maneuver game mode, opening up the opportunity for all kinds of new playstyles and strategies.

How much will Tannenberg cost?
Tannenberg will cost $17.99 on release, and there will be a special launch discount for players who already own Verdun.

Do I need to own Verdun to play Tannenberg?
No, Tannenberg is a standalone product - you don't need to own Verdun to buy and play Tannenberg.

When will Tannenberg be released?
Tannenberg will release into Early Access on November 16.

Why Early Access?
The Early Access period is scheduled to last until Q1 2018 as we apply the final polish and balancing based on player feedback.

On which platforms will the game be released?
Currently the game is slated for a PC release on Windows, Linux+SteamOS and Mac. A console version can’t be confirmed at this time.

Will there be any connectivity between Verdun and Tannenberg?
The games will be connected in-game, allowing you to switch between fronts from each game to the other if you own both, even though they are standalone releases.

Why is Tannenberg not a Verdun DLC?
First off, Tannenberg will take place on the Eastern front, and not in the known trench scenery from the Western front. This new setting will bring with it an important change of pace in gameplay. Tannenberg will move away from the trench warfare we know from Verdun and have bigger, open maps. This new playstyle also allows us to make the transition to 64 players.
Additionally, we didn’t want to force newcomers to the series into having to buy Verdun. We welcome everyone in our WW1 series and understand the possible different interests.
And on top of all this, everything we have created for Tannenberg - e.g. the new Maneuver game mode, squads, weapons, maps, etc. simply deserves a standalone release.

Will it offer a similar gameplay experience?
Tannenberg will offer the same realistic action where strategy and communication are key. But due to the different nature of the war on the Eastern Front, the geography of the new maps (more open, less trenches), and the new 64 player Maneuver game mode, fresh strategies will be called for.

What does this mean for Verdun?
We will continue to fully support and improve Verdun as usual. Thanks to the in-game connection the intention is for Verdun and Tannenberg to further strengthen each other. Both games use the same engine so improvements and work on Tannenberg will also be applied to Verdun, and vice versa.

Can I make videos and monetize them on Youtube?
As is the case with Verdun, we love user made content and encourage you to make machinima/let's plays and other Tannenberg related videos. If you would like to monetize a Verdun or Tannenberg video that’s fine with us.
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