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Crocosaurus 2013年2月24日上午5:56
Multiplayer crowd
I am new to this game and loving it! But, I wonder what the current community is like, I want to do multi but can't seem to find any matches.
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slowen14 2013年2月26日下午10:59 
I'm having the same problem, you can invite me if next time you're playing.
Norpham 2013年3月2日上午5:45 
Same here me and a few friends play every few days so feel free to invite me or friend me and I'll invite you.
Seichi 2013年3月2日下午8:20 
hey, i really like this game too, add me! :)
EnduroDoug 2013年3月8日上午12:41 
Same here. I came into this game kind of late and haven't yet gotten to play any MP matches. Really enjoy this game (and think it would be a hit on XBLA). Feel free to invite me if you're ever playing.
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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