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First Person View, Console Commands and Promotion Stars Overview
by Ov3RT4K3R
How to play Alien Swarm in FPS style List of Console Commands Overview of Promotion Stars...
school of alien swarm (russian)
by nomer43 (tour 1012)
Руководство по получению достижений
by Sn_inc
Это руководство написано для облегчения получения достижений. В этой игре только одна официальная кампания состоящая из семи карт. Для п...
First Person Playing Mode (Original game!)
by DaFarmer | NL
This is a little list of how to play the original Alien Swarm in first person viewing mode! Anyone can do it, follow the instructions carefully I would only recommend truly playing in first person view for experienced players who know their way around ...
Alien Swarm - Дополнения и русификатор ☠
☠ Новые кампании для лучшей аркады Alien Swarm, а так-же улучшенный русификатор для игры. При выходе новых DLC для игры, они так-же будут добавлен...
Normal/Hard Difficulty Soloing Guide
by Jonathan J. O'Neill
A primer on becoming a one man, swarm killing army. This guide will explain each level, along with which weapons to bring to make the job easier. This guide covers Normal and Hard difficulties with Onslaught Mode off. Hard is a bit harder since your weapo...
Achievements guide
by Vic=HKC=
Alien Swarm is a free game by Valve which you can download on Steam. It's based on a Unreal Mod, but here, you have a top-down 4 players co-op game. You can choose between 8 characters (two by classes), with unlockable weapons by leveling up. This guid...
Being credit to team: a PROGUIDE
by kotekzot
A comprehensive overview of characters, weapons and intermediate tactics. If you are new to the game or feeling like you could do more for your team, this guide is for you....
REDUCTION The Alien Swarm Campaign
by /) L I E N K I Y
                      ︵˙                    REDUCTION                  The Alien Swarm Campaign Mount up, Offworld Drop Marines! Y...
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