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Mλrw067(cz) 2012年8月17日下午12:50
This game needs Workshop
This game is so good but he there is one big problem it needs more campaing new weapons and characters and workshop Valve please revive the Alien Swarm it just awesome game who is with me? :) :)
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kotekzot 2012年8月17日下午6:47 
do want
Phantoon 2012年8月17日下午8:01 
Its like valve's ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ child, amazing game, needs more attention
Funny Evil Dead 2012年8月18日上午10:54 
Peewi 2012年8月18日下午11:25 
Workshop for maps would be really nice. Might even get people to play it again.
Alloronan 2012年8月19日上午5:25 
I'd forgotten about this game, but it was awesome fun for a while. Some new content would be great.
A festive Fed 2012年8月19日上午10:37 
Kiwimaru 2012年8月19日下午4:01 
Agree, agree.
Mλrw067(cz) 2012年8月20日上午5:59 
Hey bros spread the word Valve could make a workshop for Alien Swarm Its such a good game but it needs more weapons characters and campaing. :) Alien swarm has a boss in the files but its not in the game they should make an update about the queen to add her in the new campaing or in the last mission in Jacobs Rest,and the should add more enemies.
morfacci 2012年8月20日上午11:28 
totally agree, new campaigns would be great!
mojavech!ll 2012年8月20日下午5:45 
I completely agree. Valve did a great job of polishing and creating this game, but its still decidedly devoid of content. Steam Workshop and a sort of re-birth of interest in this game would be great for community content!
LDAF 2012年8月20日下午8:04 
I think so too! Workshop content would definitely get blood flowing in this again. I really enjoy what I've played of it so far.
Geressen 2012年8月20日下午10:30 
I agree, and they need to add it to the free games page so more can find it/people see it.
Hko 2012年8月20日下午11:03 
Doom3r 2012年8月21日上午2:46 
Definetely agreeing, this game is so awesome!
MrSazperilla 2012年8月21日下午10:24 
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