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Stare into the Abyss. 2013年2月9日 8時49分
How to play in FPS!
FPS game mode for this. Only time will tell if it will be fun or not.

But here is how it is done.
Options -- keyboard/mouse
scroll all the way down and enable dev mode. (the check box)
hit the ` (by #1 and tab)
type: map lobby
Type in each of the follow words without quotes, in ( ) i will say what it does
(first person mode)

"asw_hide_marine 1"
(you really play over the should view, this removes the marine from view)

"asw_controls 0"
(this removes the "dumb movment", normally w is "north" cause you are stuck in "north = up" mode, but in first person you can turn and look different ways, so w is no longer north. This makes wsad movement like normal FPS.)

you cant use fps in servers (Bcuz sv_cheats must be enable).
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Hard Faggot 2013年2月10日 21時52分 
you should make this a guide
Mortal Wombat 2013年2月11日 9時12分 
I tought FPP in this game is better... :(
blade102172 2013年2月11日 17時33分 
tanks i LOVE FPS GAMS i cant what to pla in fps mod
Stare into the Abyss. 2013年2月12日 3時52分 
No probleme btw i will make a TUT for this ;)
Nefnoj 2013年8月13日 22時45分 
It was FREAKY. Someone should make a mod so that you can still see your arms, I keep forgetting what weapon I have.
Mizzl 2013年8月28日 8時29分 
push this
Morgen 2013年8月30日 9時24分 
просто грай
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