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Loader66 2013年2月9日 7時19分
Please help Newbee to next mission ("Cargo Elevator")
As newbee I want to train alone and has completed the first mission "Landing Bay" but "offline". After that I don´t know how to continue to the next mission ("Cargo Elevator"). I have looked through the menu "Play Campaign" - but I can only see multiplayer-options. What to do?
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FATE 2013年2月9日 9時02分 
after u succes just press next mission!
Animus Vox 2013年2月9日 10時45分 
You have to set up a private multiplayer game. After doing this you will need to look up the console codes for putting in bots and getting rid of the human player restriction (multiplayer forces 2 human players but there is a code to get rid of that).
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Loader66 2013年2月9日 10時59分 
To ✯ н3яσ™ ✯: I just went through the first mission again in "offline training mode" to follow your advice. The problem is: there com NO "next mission" button after "mission completed" has been shown, AND the game automatically starts loading the same f.... landing mission again...

To Ender's Shadow: I will try that later tonight.

Thanks to both of U.
FATE 2013年2月9日 11時47分 
No Probleme :)
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